Monday, November 10, 2008

Bonnie's Spay Day

This morning Bonnie is getting spayed. It was difficult to go back to the vet just a few days after saying good bye to Katie.

Beth and Ranger dont seem to want to be out of each other's sight. Maybe they think they will disappear next? This weekend was very hard. The dogs have been out of sorts. I cant say they miss Katie, then again I cant say they don't. Perhaps they are playing off my mood?

This weekend Ranger did some awesome stuff with herding. We were moving sheep from one pasture to another through the gates. He had it in minutes. He is so gentle with the stock it is amazing. At one point one of the sheep fell over then got stuck on his back. Therewas the sheep flat on his back four feet pointing straight up in the air - Ranger standing over him - looking at him with a perplexed 'WTF' look on his face. I wish I would have had my camera. It was priceless. Needless to say we rolled him back over and off he went.

We gave Bonnie another teaser with the sheep. She was totally turned on! We kept the drag line on her just on the off chance she went 'alligator' on the sheep. She was a bit snappy, but backed off nicely. She remained engaged through the whole session. Much better this month than her last one with Karen Child. Puppies are so truly cannot judge them at this age.

Here is a link to the latest video of her on YouTube

Beth continues to come along nicely. John had another session with Karen Child last weekend and they just continued to work on 'traingles' and long gathers. Beth is completely healed from her run in with the fence. Altho she seems to be one of the most accident prone dogs I have ever seen. This weekend one of the sheep jumped then landed on her full on its side. Knocked the wind right out of her, but she learned to keep her distance a bit. She is also learning some patience in the field. Below she is waiting patiently while John talks to Chris. What a good girl...three months ago she wouldnt have this type of restraint that close to the sheep. John and Beth make such a wonderful team. Pictures like this just melt my heart every time I look at them. Beth simply adores him...something tells me the feeling is mutual.

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