Monday, November 17, 2008

Sanity Prevailed

Yesterday we journeyed to 378 miles round trip to George, WA. We stopped to see the Wild Horse Monument near the Columbia. Very cool spot looking down on the Columbia. I think this may be the goofiest picture of John ever.

John and I met Nikki, an amazing woman who has been doing border collie & aussie rescue for over 10 years. Tre was cute as a button.
Ranger, Beth and Bonnie really seemed to like him. He got along with them quite well (in the limited amount of time we spent with him). He really is a lovely little dog. If I had my way, I would have brought him (and Donald) home with me, but sanity prevailed (much to my husband's relief).

This is Donald. In the few minutes I spent with him and the chaos of all the dogs swarming Donald was able to focus on me, treats and clicker in hand. He is one sharp cookie! He would make a lovely agility partner. He was just a little to wild and wooley for our pack.

I dont want to adopt another dog just because I lost Katie. Adopting another dog on impulse it the worst think anyone can do. As much as I loved Tre... and as much as I wanted to bring him home - I didn't. We are going to think about it until after we get back from Texas next week. If I feel I cannot live without him, and I am positive that his addition to our family is the best thing for everyone then I will adopt him. If I have any second thoughts - then Tre will make someone else a wonderful loving companion. He really is a lovely dog.

Being cooped up in the car yesterday seems to have taken its toll on the pups. This morning I made the grave mistake of leaving them in the house while I took a shower. I really should have know better...

I came down stairs to this..., "Uh...Ma, you dont look like you are happy to see me..."

The debris surrounding him happens to be what remains of the super jumbo size box of Swiffer Dusters.

Ranger said Bonnie made him do it.

Bonnie said it was a herd if wild monkeys.

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