Saturday, November 15, 2008

Am I insane?

Perhaps I am slowly slipping over the edge...

Maybe I will be one of those strange old people who don't speak to other humans but live with hoards of animals shuffling around a single wide trailer in the middle of nowhere.


Or I am just slightly nuts and just love dogs?

Hopefully neither - but I am seriously thinking about bringing another dog into our home. (My husband on the other hand said he will kill me if I bring home another dog - nah...he wont be mad for long). Afterall there are so many dogs that need good homes. And we have room for one more, in our home and hearts.

That said (questions of my sanity still looming) I am going to meet a lovely dog tomorrow from Border Collie Rescue - however this little guy is an Aussie. His name is Tre and he is one of those few Aussies who was lucky enough to keep his lovely tail. He came into rescue with two if his litter mates from a breeder who was unable to find them a home. His brothers were adopted.

Here is his listing (copy and paste it into your browser - I havent figured out how to insert a link yet that will show up)

Maybe if we are lucky enough to adopt him (only if the fit is PERFECT and I feel that little 'zing' that says this is right)...maybe we can pass him off as a border collie???

Can we still use the name BCxFOUR? Hmmm...

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