Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving, Turkey, & Oliver

Yesterday we loaded all the dogs up and drove 3 hours to Everson, WA to visit my parents. The dogs had a great time! My parents have a large tree farm behind their 'farm' where everyone had several good runs and exploring. The neighbors have sheep - so we had some fun with that too! (shhh...don't tell the neighbors)

Since we didn't cook dinner this year we were both missing the left overs - so John went to Safeway last night after we got home and bought a turkey. I wasn't expecting him to find much...but he came home with a 22 pounder! So we are cooking a huge turkey today! Leftovers anyone?

Oliver our new foster dog is doing wonderfully! The first night he was here he snuggled with me on our bed all night. He was a bit scared and didnt want to sleep in his crate. Who can blame him, he has been shuffled around quite a bit over the past few weeks. He now is sleeping through the night in his crate and he is 100% house trained! What a good dog ... someone is going to get a magnificent dog when they adopt him!

Here is a link to Oliver's listing on the rescue page." (can someone please tell me how to get links to show up on this silly blogger??)

This is what Oliver looked like when he was first picked up in Oregon next to a freeway (they suspect he had been dumped)

This is Oliver today!

I made a little video of him too!

He has such a sweet face! I love to kiss him on the head. He has a nice big meaty head which is just perfect for hugs!

His first foster mother is the one who brought him through the worst of it. He had pneumonia, was emaciated with a horrible skin condition. Lane County, OR Animal Shelter saw the potential in Oliver and chose to give him a second chance at life (THANK YOU) and was put into foster care. Oliver had been adopted by another family then returned. They said it was because he was 'agressive' when he 'air-snapped' at the mother. No matter how much rescue tried to explain to them that it was somewhat typical border collie behavior - she didn't care - the family returned Oliver after only being in his new home for about a week. *sigh*

All the better for the family that chooses to adopt Oliver! There isn't an agressive bone in this dog's body.

What am I thankful for? My health, my husband, my children & family...and of course my dogs. My life would be sad, lonely and empty without any of you.


Hay Ewe said...

Oliver looks wonderful! And that's the perfect song! Great job and good luck finding that gorgeous boy a new, permanent home with someone who understands these guys. I'll certainly keep my eyes open.

Christopher said...

Yay Border Collies! I have 4 too. :c)

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Hi, thanks for your comments on my blog.

That video was lovely. Oliver looks so different now and very happy. Good luck for finding him a great forever home.