Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Bonster's Body Double & Other Drivel...

Check out this new listing on the BC Rescue Site

That is Millicent in Kennewick, WA. Here is her actual listing (copy and paste it into your browser - I still cant figure out how to be a link to show up on this blogger) http://www.pnwbcrescue.org/show_bio.php?ImageSize=2&DogId=2703

Now look at Bonnie

Spooky eh?

For a moment there I was thinking about sending an email to Millicent's foster mom about adopting her. But I thought twice... There is a reason why we call Bonnie the Speckled Monster AKA 'Bonster'. I cannot imagine having TWO OF THEM!

Egads I just found this shot...it is SUMO BONNIE! (she really isn't that fat!) Wow, that is a bad angle huh?

Doesnt Ranger look like he's had a bit to much to drink?

I love sheep

She loves sheep too.

We are heading off to Texas Thursday. The pups will be boarding at Fido's for the weekend. Bonnie seems to have a slight cough, so like any paranoid mom I hauled her to the vet today. He thinks it is a 'doggie cold'. Dr. K is going to check her out again tomorrow when she is in day boarding (still healing from her spay surgery). Lets hope that is all it is...he also said it might be a little bit of "Swiffer Duster" stuck in her throat from their Pantry Raid yesterday.


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