Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby Meets Sheep

My daughter Amy & grandbaby Alyssa came with me to feed the sheep a few days ago. It was time to introduce the baby to sheep. 

"What are sheep?"

"Alyssa, can you say Baaaa baaaaa? That is the sound a sheep makes."

"Let's start with feeding the ewes."

Alyssa didnt quite know what to think.  Esther the Ewe was very interested in Alyssa. 

Esther thought she smelled good and was kind enough to let Alyssa touch her on the head. 

"I' not too sure 'bout sheep Gramma."

Time to meet the rest of them.  First Sherman the Tank

Then Mama the Ancient.

A few others

Alssa started giggling when Tulip and Daisy started talking to her. 

Alyssa says "Baaaa baaaa"

Jim the Llama wanted to meet her too.

"Hello little human."

Jim let Alyssa pet him as he nibbled on the grain in Amy's hand.  

He is a good llama.  

"I like sheep & llama"

Gramma's little helper to be. 


Tucker The Crestie said...

That is an animal lover in the making, for sure! Beautiful baby!

RYKER said...

How darling is that. Animal know a baby when they see and smell one. Alyssa looked very pleased with herself and her adventure in that last photo.