Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Bea the Pumpkin Head

Little Bea the Beazle-Bug

Hopping through the pumpkin patch

Racing up the field and back

Flying through the air.

Little Bea the Beazle-Bug

Dashing through the pumpkin patch

Leaving clouds of pumpkin dust,

Trailing in her wake.

Miss Brynn the Brynn Dog,


Romping through the pumpkin patch.

Playing in the sunshine,

and resting in the dirt.

Little Bea the Beazle-Bug,

Leaping through the pumpkin patch.

Waiting for the Brynn dog,

And biting her on the neck.

And Dooooooowwwwwwn came the good Fairy dog Beth

And she said....

Little Bea the Beazle-Bug, 
I don't want to see you...

Waiting for the Brynn dog
and biting her on the neck.

I will give you one more chance and if I catch you biting her neck again...

I will turn you into a PUMPKIN HEAD!

The very next day...

Little Bea the Beazle-Bug,
Hiding in the pumpkin patch

Waiting for the Brynn dog

And chomping on her neck.

Tweeedlely Deeeeeeeee
Tweeedleleeee Dooooooo
Little Bea the Beazle-Bug
Oh, Oh, Ooooohhhhhh...

The Good Dog Fairy, shook her head

and shook her head some more.

Then Pooooooof! 

Oh no...

"Ooops, guess you got that spell a little backward, good Fairy dog Beth" 

You thought you could get me, HA!

I am Bea the Beazle-Bug!

And you have a pumpkin stuck on YOUR head!

The End


Doniene said...

How fun!!!

Denise Schoen said...

How adorable! They really had soo much fun in the pumpkin patch. Enjoyed your narrative, made me grin.

Laura L. said...

I loved the pictures when you posted them on Facebook, but they're soooo much better with your commentary. : )

Cappy said...


I didn't figure out the song until "Doooooooown came the Good Fairy dog Beth..."

Now I'll be singing that all day...


Country Girl said...

Bea's ears = Awesome!


pam said...

Now There is a children's book in the making. :)

JaderBug said...

I LOVE these photos!!! I am already looking forward to seeing some from this shoot in the 2013 Border Collies In Action calendar :-) Fantastic!!