Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Fighter

Little Miss Ewe Lamb is still alive!  (Injured ewe is on the right, the lamb to the left is her twin)

Every morning I have expected to find a limp little lump of fleece curled up in the corner.

Someone said that sheep born looking for ways to die.  This little lamb is proving that wrong.  

She is eating and drinking, even though it must be causing considerable pain. 

Today, when Monique checked on her she let her out of the enclosure for a bit, she walked, she trotted, she pee'd, pooped and acted like a sheep. 

Below you can see her drinking, she is eating slowly, and lapping up the nutri-drench.  She is especially fond of molasses dribbled over alfalfa. 

After her jaunt with the rest of the flock she and her twin were enclosed again.  Keep sending positive wishes and prayers her way. 

If she survives Monique has decided we are going to call her Millie. I think it fits. 


Karen said...

Oh that's great news!
Sheep truly do amaze you sometimes:)

gvmama said...

I'm rooting for Millie!

Denise Schoen said...

Fantastic news from the ewe. She is an inspiration with her will to live. Will continue to keep her in my prayers. Wishing Millie a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like very good news. As long as no secondary infection sets in, she will probably soon be demanding to be with the rest of the flock more and more.

BCxFour said...

@Pat, we are treating her with two types of antibiotics to prevent secondary infection.

Anonymous said...

Thats wonderful news!

Patty in NM said...

So very glad to hear Millie is doing better!