Friday, November 25, 2011

Bedroom Re-Do

The past two weeks my mother has been staying with us.  I love it when she comes to visit because she whips my house into shape.  This time she set her sights on sewing projects bedroom.

I was told our bedroom was a mess and I was grounded until it was cleaned up. 

Okay, so it was pretty bad - I confess I am a slob.  The disaster started in the closet, then it spread like a bad rash to the bathroom.  Finally the bedroom was overcome.  I gave up even trying to find  clothes in my closet - and kept the clothes I would wash regularly in my bedroom on top of the dog crates.  Whenever I would look at my room I would just sigh and close the door.  Being completely overwhelmed I gave up.  Really, how can you make a bedroom with a king size bed and 5 dog crates look nice? 

I knew this needed to be done in stages and there was no way I was going to conquer this alone.  So, four generations attacked my mess.  My mother, daughter Amy and granddaughter Alyssa

First we laid siege to the huge walk-in closet (12 ft x 12 ft), sorted and bagged clothes I didn't wear.  Everything I owned was clean & nothing needed to be washed - so we folded, hung and organized. I am not a hoarder, so there was not a lot of garbage, it was just disorganized and cluttered.

For some reason I had three large dresser drawers in my closet.  Who needs to have that many dressers?  One of them was empty.  We moved it out and put it next to the bed as a night stand where I can store miscellaneous items.  When the closet was clean we admired our handiwork and it occurred to me that the dog crates would fit perfectly into the empty space.  Viola!  That solved my ugly bedroom dilemma.

Here you can see my bedroom on the left and the closet on the right.  Finally the dog crates are out of my bedroom.  They used to be divided up on either side of the bed - huge ugly eyesores.  

There are only four crates.  Brynn does not sleep in a crate, she is my 'bed-dog' and sleeps with me (she wakes me up when I quit breathing).

I covered the crates with a large sheet which gives me a new surface to fold & sort clothes.

With the crates out of my room it gave me the chance to finally decorate it the way I wanted.  I know the 'country' style has gone out but I love it and do not care what anyone thinks of my teddy bears and other odd things.  It makes me smile to look at all the things I have loved for years, so I embraced it and decided to plaster my room with quilts, bears, sheep, stars and dogs. 

The wall under the windows used to be filled with crates. In that space I put the deacon's bench that was at the foot of my bed.  One of my favorite quilts tops my bed.  It seemed to go with the holiday season.

The other side of the room was also dominated by crates, now the space is empty and tonight I moved a rocking chair (not pictured) into the corner under the sheep pictures I framed this weekend.  

Looking into the room you can see the doorway to the bathroom which leads to the closet (aka dog room).  The red cabinet holds a television and stores many of my antique quilts on top and inside the bottom level.  

A favorite painting of sheep and other things that make me smile are displayed.

The far side of the red cabinet are two new prints I received last week and framed.  One of our local craft stores had a sale on frames 60% off last week and was able to frame them for under $20.00.  The square picture is one of my favorites of Beth I shot years ago. 

Here is a close up of my new border collie prints.  I am absolutely in love with these.  They are canvas prints by L.A. Shepherd.  You can find her work on Etsy at
Giclee Canvas Prints of LAShepard TheDogLover

Now I have a nice clean room, happy secure dogs, and my favorite stuff all together where I can relax, sleep and dream.  Thanks to my mom and daughter...I love you!


Monique said...

wow what a neat thing! I want your closet!

Diana said...

I dont think country is out. It looks beautiful!

Doniene said...

Really lovely!!! I'm glad for you!!


Ferreh Hiatt said...

Looks awesome! I'm not even going to let my kids see your closet dimensions... their bedrooms are that size! LOL!

Pat A said...

Looks great and all styles make the rounds. Our daughter likes country in her kitchen and lots of chicken decor. The rest of the house is more formal but also old fashioned comfortable. I too have a teddy bear collection and a huge mouse that Linda made, your house should be decorated to make you comfortable and relaxed when you are there. Looks great, I like Quilts also, Linda has made us many small ones for decorating our house along with quilted covers for our throw pillows.

BeBe said...

Firstly, I love the prints. Secondly, the country look is ALWAYS in!! I love it, nice place for you and nice place for the poochies :)

The girl behind the lens said...

I adore the country look, and think your room looks awesome :) There is definitely some bedroom envy coming your way from Canada :)