Saturday, November 26, 2011

Featured Artist: L.A. Shepard, The Dog Lover

In my effort to help support a small family owned business I am featuring an artist occasionally on my blog.   These are non-solicited reviews.  I have purchased and paid full price for each item prior to reviewing their work.

Last week I stumbled across the work of The Dog Lover, L.A. Shepard on Etsy

Featured Artist:  Lee Ann Shepard, The Dog Lover

About (In her own words) 

I have been a full time artist, specializing in animal portraiture, since my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in July 2006. Since he could no longer work, we had to close our wholesale business. At 54 , I needed to find a way to support our family and take care of him 24/7. Luckily, I had my art ability to fall back on, and I have been painting diligently ever since. I feel blessed to have been able to work at home and look after my husband at the same time. I count my blessings daily, as I could not have gotten through this without the support of my family, friends and all the new friends I have made through selling my work. I have learned so much, but especially - not to waste a moment!

Gary Shepard, my incredible husband, passed away in the early morning hours on Sept 26,2010 surrounded by his family. His battle with brain cancer was a long one, yet it seemed far too short for those that loved him so dearly. We have a huge hole in our lives as he was a man who never stopped giving , even when he became so physically impaired that he could barely move.

Throughout his illness he had an idea to start a movement of giving. He wanted people to celebrate their birthday by giving a gift to someone in need. He felt that if each of us could be charitable each year on the day that they were born, then the world would be a kinder place. As a family that suffered through a devastating illness, we were always so moved when an act of kindness was done for us as our world fell apart. So, we ask of you, to take a moment, as you celebrate your date of birth, to share an act of kindness. Whether it be a gift of money to a family in need, or shoveling the driveway of an elderly neighbor, or buying a mosquito net for a child in a land far way- no matter what the gift- we ask that it become a yearly habit. And then share the idea with those that you know. Then perhaps the movement will bloom and the world will become a kinder, gentler place. This was Gary’s dream for our future, and I promised him that we would do our best to spread the word to fulfill his dream.

If you would like to share what you plan to give on your birthday, or just read about the movement- please join our face book group
“Giving for Gary” started by his children in memory of their Dad. And remember, no gift is ever too small, especially if you are blessed to celebrate yet another year of life.

Lee Ann's story inspired me, her beautiful work implored me to whip out my debit card and shop.  Her ability to capture the essence & personality of each dog is brilliant.  Of course I had to purchase two border collie prints.  

Each print comes on a high quality flat canvas sheet, which looks like the original painting.  Each can be framed easily in a standard frame with a backing, with or without glass.  

  I framed my prints in 16x20 frames under 11x14 mats with glass. 

L.A. Shepard has every dog breed imaginable, in various print sizes.  

Here are a few of my favorites.  

Take a few moments and check out L.A. Shepards shop on Etsy.   
Tell her Ranger sent you.

For guaranteed Christmas delivery, order prior to Dec 4th. 

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That is some AMAZING work. Stunning!