Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Years ago I had a terrible sore throat.  I assumed it was a virus.  In the meantime my kids fell down with strep.  I took them to the doctor, got them treated and all was well. 

Several days later I was sitting in church and happened to look down.  My chest was covered with a bright red rash.  Uhhhtoooh.  By the time we got home from church, my entire torso was covered.  I had the worst headache in the world & a high fever. 

I disliked going to the doctor and avoided it at all costs - especially the military doctors.  You see, going to the acute minor illness clinic meant spending 8-10 hours in the clinic with three agitated, annoyed, periodically screaming children before you were even seen.   So instead of going to the doctor I assumed it was Fifths Disease, gobbled Tylenol and went to bed. 

It took 5 days and I couldn't bend my knees.  I knew I was in real trouble when I couldnt get up off the loo.  I was stuck at home alone, with three little kids, and crawling out of the bathroom because I couldn't stand up.  My husband was deployed and I was on my own.

My neighbor rescued me that day.  She took over my children, and got me to the hospital where I was admitted for treatment of Rheumatic Fever, which left  lasting damage to my heart. All because I didnt want to go to the doctor. 

This is a pattern for me. 

I did it again.  I have been feeling like crapola for 3 weeks, fighting a horrible sinus infection.  Of course when I went to the doctor last week to talk to him about other things I did not mention the sinus infection.  Doh...

When the ear infection set in on Saturday I knew I was in trouble and PAIN - so I rounded up ever left over antibiotic I could find and almost had myself a full course.  Thinking I had it covered I didn't call the doctor on Monday.   Late Monday night, my ear drum ruptured - which felt  much better...because it relieved the pressure. 

Now my entire head hurts, the side of my face is swollen and it feels like I have been kicked by a horse.

I called the doctor today and have an appointment tomorrow morning.

When will I ever learn? 

I may return to blogging again at some point in the future - I am thinking right about the same time I pull my head out of my ass. 

It is nice to know they love you even if you're stupid. 


K-Koira said...

Ouch. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm currently doing the ear infection doctor avoiding thing too, but I think the statement of the ear drum rupturing is about to get me to make an appointment.

Feel better!

Karen said...

There's certainly been some illnesses going around this Spring. I wonder if it's related at all to the weather.
So far I've been lucky, (touch wood).
Hope you are able to kick this latest episode quickly.

Lynn said...

Please, please take better care of yourself! Remember, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" (and a pounding head!).

My husband has been self-diagnosing a back problem for years. Has it gotten any better? Noooo.

Birgit Schneidmueller said...

Get well soon!

Birgit Schneidmueller said...
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Emma Rose said...

Wow! I'm so sorry you are in such bad shape. Glad you are "finally" going to the Doctor. I hope they fix you up fast! Just make sure you tell them you refuse to wear the cone of shame!!! Just say no.

Get well soon, please :)

Emma Rose

Monique said...

I am glad you are going to the doctor.

Emma Rose said...

I am just stopping by to check up on you. I hope you are much improved by now. It's been a week. Hope all is well.