Friday, May 20, 2011

Imagination Hiatus

My creativity left me sometime Tuesday afternoon. 

I am not sure when it will return. 

I believe the beautiful weather, direct sunlight and warm temperatures are to blame.  Dogs need to be worked.  Suntans need to be started and the website I am designing has stolen the rest of my spare time. 

It is going to start raining again this weekend.  Hopefully my imagination will return in a day or two.  Till then...get off the computer and go outside and play!  We are!

Remember, Ranger says don't take candy from strangers and eat all your veggies. 


sagechronicles said...

That's a really descriptive face on Ranger! He's ready to play!!

Lynette said...

The sunshine was beautiful while it lasted, wasn't it?!! I totally understand, and for anyone who doesn't understand the rarity, I think you can just post "Sun's out - gone to play" every couple days to let them know you're alright. The locals completely understand! Lynette

Sophie said...

Looks like the dogs are all ready to get out into the sunshine and play!

G. M. Atwater said...

I'm skipping out the door first thing in the morning. Wheee! C'mon, dogs!