Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dances With Ranger

"Hey Finn" says Ranger "They told me to wait over here for my dance partner"

"Hey Ranger" replies Finn "I was told to wait here for my partner too!"

"Dude!" Ranger gasps, "They gave me YOU as my partner?"

"Which one of us is going to lead?  NOT YOU!!" shrieks Ranger indignantly.

 After getting a whiff of Finn's breath, Ranger says "Listen, two words...BREATH MINTS!"

"Seriously, you are not gonna find a girlfriend with dragon breath." Ranger offers advice to his dance partner as they practice intricate footwork.

"Work with me Ranger, quicker steps, your frame is off...this just doesn't feel right!" observes Finn.

Brill approaches and says "Len said straighten your frame!
You have got to have a STRONG FRAME!"

Brill adds "Bruno wanted me to tell you he is just so happy two boys are dancing!
He said GO FOR IT Darlings!!"

"DUDE!  I bite your face! You TRIPPED ME"  Finn growls.

Ranger darts to the side and says "Carrie Ann is going to take points off for your foot being off the ground!"

"Wrong way Finn, this way...get with the program...keep up!"

"Practice, practice. quick step, paso, quick step paso..can't decide...doesn't feel right..."

"Lets Tango!" suggests Ranger.

"How about the Paso Doble?" asks Ranger "I like the ending....."

"I dont know it, show me." says Finn.

"Here we go!  Getting ready for the big finish!  Did you know at the end of the dance  one dancer dies when the other one pretends to stab them like in a bullfight?" asks Ranger.

"Ta Da!  You are Dead!"  Ranger yells as he leaps over Finn's lifeless body.  

"Oh, look it is the host of the show, Kael Bergeron" mutters Finn.

"What was our score?  Were the judges kind?" asks Ranger.

"Bruno thinks you two are cute." Says Kael

"We are already working on our dance for next time...the Foxtrot"


Karen said...

Alright, that was just hilarious!
What an amazing bunch of pictures and the commentary to go with it:)

RYKER said...

I don't know how you keep topping your last posts! You are so clever. I need more dogs! Then at least one of them should be doing something cute, huh?

Pat A said...

So cute, Enjoyed it.

raenell said...

So funny! The pictures are amazing.

gvmama said...

Started out a bit slow, picked up in the middle and the ending was FABULOUS. Cracked me up. A "10"