Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day.

I have gotten some memorable cards from my kids over the years.  My favorite - one year my son proudly presented me a hand made card, on the front he drew an octopus with an army man shooting a ghost.   Inside was another creation with ghost saying "I love you mommy, not tuna casaroll" (exactly as written). 

This morning I was surprised with this memorable card and a plate full of beautifully fried crisp bacon (dog's idea of a lovely Mother's day morning).

 It made me smile....Thank you!

*footnote from Ranger*  Ranger's name was added on for good measure.  While he is missing a couple 'boy' parts he is decidedly 'male'.  AND he wanted to add that he does not consider any female a 'bitch' in his life...he thinks they are all lovely & beautiful girls.

Smart Boy.


Karen said...

You have some talented border collies! One of them at least can write...must be Ranger:)
Happy Mother's day to you too!

Lynn said...

I love Ranger! Wouldja take a 4-month old puppy in a trade for him? ;)

BCxFour said...

Lynn...uh, nope. :)

RYKER said...

Did they let you eat all the bacon?

Monique said...

Awwww how sweet.

BCxFour said...

Ryker, like any good mom, I shared my bacon with the babies.

Pat A said...

Love it.