Monday, May 16, 2011

Chasing Geese

Last month we stopped at Farewell Bend State Park in Oregon on the way home from Idaho.  Historic Farewell Bend State Recreation Area is located on the Oregon/Idaho border, north of Ontario, OR.  Farewell Bend was the last stop on the Oregon Trail beside the Snake River. Oregon Trail emigrants traveled through the Snake River country for over 300 miles. Hardship and danger were constant companions, and death, particularly at river crossings, was not uncommon. The river also sustained life, however, providing water and fish in abundance. For many emigrants bidding "Farewell Snake" at this site, parting was bittersweet. 
The Park has a decent sized fenced in area for the dogs to burn off some steam after being cooped up in the car. 

Little did I know there were a pair of Canada Geese resting inside the dog area.  The girls spotted them almost immediately.  Whooosh they were off...

Beth is in the lead, Bea a close second, Brynn brings up the rear. 

Oh boy.....Beth looks determined to catch a goose!  Please NO...not in a State Park! 

Yeah!  The geese are airborne!  Whew!  I wasn't looking forward to explaining to a park ranger why my dog killed a goose. 

Uhhh,  hey might want to stop before you smash into the fence? 

A dip in the Snake River was in order next to cool off.  Beth was not going to get in that water.  No way. do you manage to do that?  Everyone else is CLEAN! You are the dirtiest pup I have EVER met! 

"Look Camera Face!  More Geese, did you see them?"

Sorry, Bea the only flying creature I saw was I threw your dirty little body into the river. 

There, nice and clean.  Time to get back into the car before you find more mischief. 


sagechronicles said...

Hehe. Good cleanup on Bea. That's what I do with Sage when she's dripping mud. Works pretty well!

Nice park! I love the shots of the dogs chasing the geese. I'm surprised we never went there when we lived in Boise.

RYKER said...

Hah! That looked like fun, you almost had a goose dinner! Just don't tell the park ranger.
Bea looked like she had high top boots on!

Pat A said...

Love that camp ground. We used to stop there with our foster kids when we went to Utah on a vacation. There was plenty of room for each camper and room for the kids to get some exercise. At that time we only had one older Elkhound so easy to get her some exercise and to potty. We had a camper then and the kids got the bed over the cab, we got the drop down over the bench and the bench, Sadie had her bed of the floor.