Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday Bea played hard...

Well, as hard as she could play getting no more than 20 feet from my side. 

The other day Ranger slammed into her, knocking her arse over tea kettle.  Much yelping ensued...since then Bea has been staying away from the bigger dogs when they are running. 

She learned a valuable lesson about herding her packmates. 

Now she is a little more cautious about her approach, waiting for them on the return..then following them back to our feet. 

And stares at their tongues....strange little puppy. 

Those adorable little ears, flopping over her head, not sure which direction they will take...butt in the air watching the big dogs.

When the dogs are off exploring, Bea begins to stalk Camera Face. 

I just want to grab that little puppy face and squish it with kisses. 

"Dont touch me...I am working."

Very tired puppy, slept hard. 

I put a border collie puppy in her crate last night...this morning out popped a WOMBAT! 

Actually a WomBEA!   Notice something new?  By golly we have TWO EARS!  

Bea wonders "Do my ears make me look fat?"

Not at all.. my dear little WomBea. 

But you may want to avoid any stiff winds for a while. 


Jennifer Rose said...

awww all grown up now :)

julie said...

She looks sooooo adorable, and those ears are just awesome!

BorderWars said...

I love the ears at this age when they can't decide what they're going to do. Up, down, out, flop, folded.

Such a cutey, you chose well.

Sam said...

V. cute! And fab pics as usual.
But... that's a possum. I know it comes up on Google photos as a wombat, but it's a brushtailed possum:

Wombats have quite small ears:

WomBea has more of a ring to it though, for sure.

Anonymous said...

That Bea is a heartthrob! Your photos depict her personality in brilliant colors :)

Just fabulous,

BCxFour said...

Sam: Thank you for letting me know! So much for trusting the internet when you google "wombat" images. :)

So that led me to search for a more appropriate animal to compare Bea to...and I found it. Stay tuned!

RYKER said...

How about a fennec fox? Awesome photos! You really capture little Bea's personality : )

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Her ears are up (for now!) - I think she suits them!

forensicfarmgirl said...

Ohmygosh, she is just TOO adorable!

Una said...

Little Bea has very expressive eyes!