Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reminder - Update Our URL!

Please do not forget to change your favorites or links listing our blog.  Some things will stop working in a day or two and  you need to make sure you are on the correct address to get updates etc.

Other bad stuff may happen if you don't update the link.  Massive deranged chickens will explode from your toilets!  Trust me, you do not want that.  So, update the link please

"I like to eat chicken." 

"What's a chicken?"  

I am still screwing around with the design & working with the developer to revamp my photography website - which is leaving me very little time for FUN! 

The sun was actually visible today!  The Pineapple Express took a break and a strange, bright, golden orb appeared in the sky.  I was not sure what it was, so we went outside for a closer look - sun glasses were required.  

"Look!  A Giant Glowing Ball in the SKY!"


Believe it or not, I was outside with the dogs  *gasp*    taking pictures!  Next, I have to process them, but when I sit down at the computer I find myself messing around with borders, headers, html and what not.  It is pathetic really. I think I am obsessed.  Sad eh?

"Sad is not the word I would use."

I promised I would tell you the story about Brynn chasing a sheep into a motor home this last weekend at a trial.  It is coming up soon, right after I edit a bunch of pictures - then get sucked into borders, headers, navigation bars, html.  AHHHH!   See what I mean?  It is a vicious cycle!  

*insert sudden change of subject here*

If anyone can refer me to a good person that can explain SEO (search engine optimization) and how to actually get website to appear high up on searches - it would be wonderful.  (I already know about Google Ad Words  & cannot afford the $$$ risk of pay per click.  It scares me...)  Or refer me to someone who can do it for me without costing an arm and a leg? 

My unemployment benefits officially ran out last week - jobs are still scarce and I need to start making money to support my dogs!  And herding, food, trials, camera gear & LIFE!  

Enough rambling.  Camera Face is shutting up now and editing pictures, right after she goes to bed.  


sagechronicles said...

I do like what you've done with your blog. The framing around the pictures is really nice!

I sure hope the job market turns around soon! Good luck.

Karen said...

All the best to you on the money making part:)

Bea is so cute, and I've finally realized that it must be her little eyebrows that give her that puzzled/worried/quizzical look:)

I find the blog roll easier on the eyes (yay) now that it is the blue and grey compared to the blue and white:) And I'm not sure but I think you lightened up the grey background a bit too. Looking good! URL being updated now.

Lean said...

wauw i love this great pictures and the header is stunnig great job..

NoDramaCollegeCounseling said...

Beautiful dogs!!

Casey said...

your pictures are glad I found your blog.

Victoria, Bellingham, WA

RYKER said...

It is nice that you have had this time off to work on your blog sites and speed extra time with your dogs.

You may be obsessed but the results are really nice.

Dying to here about Brynn and her escapades.

Painter Pack said...

My little Border Collie, T-Bone, has more energy and a bigger appetite than my huskies or lab! I don't know how you do it with so many! I love the little booger, but I'll stick to less hyper pooches if possible! Never thought I'd find a dog with more "go" energy than a husky!!!

Painter Pack Mom

Karen said...

I like the punch of colour the red title gives to the header picture:)

The Thundering Herd said...

You might try this free grader for advice. I used it a lot when I was first building the website. It scores your site, compares it against any other you pick, and, most helpfully, tells you what needs to be done to improve your score. I have no connection to it, but my host at the time provided a link to them.

Whoever you are hosting with (I use Hostgator) should also have some SEO improvement tools.