Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Frosty Puppy

With the passing of the holidays our lives have slowed back down.  The dogs are relieved the rain & snow let up a bit and we have had a chance to get in some serious play time. 

Of late the field we us to exercise the dogs is like something out of a winter wonderland.  Portions of the field are left in shade all day from a shadow cast by a large hill.  The weather conditions were perfect.  Bright, cold, clear sunny skies followed by bitterly cold nights.   Each day we arrived and found the ground covered by flood of crystals.  As the days passed the crystals grew deeper and deeper.  The frost crystals formed on the top of the existing snow because the temperatures were so low, yet there was humidity in the air, creating what is referred to as a "hoar frost". 

The frost was soft & delicate, like powder - not crunchy or painful for the dog's paws.  

The frost coated everything, from a lone stem.

Tufts of grass

To a barbed wire fence line.

Even a strand of grass draped over the wire.

The barbed wire was encrusted in shimmering crystals

Like rock candy

A small tree, heavily laden with the weight of the frost

The crystals on the ground were large, as you can see compared to Bea, in the picture below.  

Every day when we arrived at the field the frost had grown grew deeper and deeper overnight. 

Ranger and Bea exploring on the other side of the fence - where the sun does not shine, due to the shadow of the hill.

"Hey, how do I get back through the fence?"

"I dunno 'bout this here pokey wire stuff."

"Please help me...my feets are sooooo cowwwwd. "

Resistance is futile when dealing with this much cute. 


Monique said...

Love the frost pictures. Beautiful! (Oh, and Bea is terribly cute too)

Karen said...

Great pictures of the frost. We've had the same thing here, although maybe not quite as heavy as you. My attempts to capture the beauty of it were mostly a failure.
I see Bea is at the up ear/down ear, but still really cute stage:)

Painter Pack said...

Woo takes furry good pictures! Can woo take my pesky little BC brofur and teach him to be good? Rooooos!

Mya Boo Boo

Hillbilly Betty said...

Great pictures! We had a lot of hoar frost here last winter and it was soooo beautiful. Biggin' was only a couple of months old at the time, so I couldn't get out to get pictures of it. So I really enjoyed being able to see how you captured it.

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Wonderful photos! Bea's so cute, with one ear up and one down. Awww...

sagechronicles said...

Great snow & frost pictures. I know Bea was having loads of fun, even though it must have been cold!

Emma Rose said...

Your photos are beautiful. Bea has such a serious look to her. Is she? She looks like she has fit right into the pack though, and that's wonderful. Ah puppies! Enjoy :)

gvmama said...

I so enjoyed the photos. Good work. Adorable pup!

RYKER said...

I just love the pictures you took of the hoar frost. We get that up here sometimes too. It is so pretty and it dampens the sounds and makes the forest so quiet.
Poor little Bea, she looks rather concerned to be on the other side of the fence. She is a photogenic little bugger!

ros said...

Such beautiful photos the snow looks amazing draped over everything just like a wonderland. Bea looks like she was having lots of fun playing in the snow. She is just so cute. From Angus and Milo