Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mini Me & The Sheep Motorhome

Check it out

I have a new shadow....stuck like glue to my behind. 

My very own Mini Me.

Camera face is really tired.  She went to a trial today where Brynn placed 5th in ranch.  I dont know why Camera Face is tired...when she just stood at a post.  Brynn is the one who did all the running around? 

Shot by Bonnie Block with my camera (THANK YOU BONNIE!)

Placing 5th was not that big of a deal because there was only 10 or 11 dogs in the whole class.  Camera face is happy that Brynn listened nicely & didnt try to put sheep into a motor home today. 

 Shot by Bonnie Block with my camera (THANK YOU BONNIE!)

Last week Camera face thought it would be a good idea to run Byrnn in Pro Novice.  She must have been smoking wacky tabacky, because it was stupid.  

 Shot by Bonnie Block with my camera (THANK YOU BONNIE!)

It was the last run of the entire day...the sheep were tired, and grumpy.  They wanted to go home. 

 Shot by Bonnie Block with my camera (THANK YOU BONNIE!)

Brynn lost control of the sheep on the fetch and things went down hill from there. 

 Picture shot by Bonnie Block with my camera (THANK YOU BONNIE!)

The sheep are transported to and from the field in a trailer.   They saw the door of Judy's motorhome was open and made a b-line for that..and tried to jump in.  Judy luckily blocked their entrance, but they were set on going into the motorhome and Brynn didnt stand a chance of lifting them off to finish the course. 

 Shot by Bonnie Block with my camera (THANK YOU BONNIE!)

Not that there would be any course finishing anyway...because Brynn was not listening by this point.  That is what Camera Face gets when she runs Ranch in the morning then sets sheep in the afternoon...a brain dead tired dog.  What was she thinking anyway?  Maybe that camera is growing into her brain. 

Oh well, trial and learn. 

Many thanks to Bonnie Block of Field and Farm Photography  for taking pictures of Brynn with Camera Face's camera & for showing her how to actually make the autofocus work on the camera...correctly. 

Bonnie you are awesome! 


Karen said...

Awww, no sheep and motorhome pictures:)

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Some wonderful shots of Brynn there! And I love Ranger's Mini Me too!

The Thundering Herd said...

Love that third picture - what a terrific Mini Me.

Painter Pack said...

Sheep? Am I supposed to herd them too? I try to herd the other furries in da house. Usually they do not like this. Should my mama buy me some sheep??


Diana said...

Bea and Ranger have opposite faces color wise. Very very cute!

G. M. Atwater said...

Oh, I love these! What fun and wonderful photos. Brynn is gorgeous and Ranger never fails to crack me up. Those HUGE golden eyes always look like he's just a-burst with some great thing! And his Mini-Me is absolutely hilarious. Great shot!

Thanks for sharing the smiles! Snuggle the puppers for me. :)

~ Gloria