Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow Happy

Ranger is so happy he can hardly stand it!

It is snowing again!   While many of you shudder and moan at the sight of snow...we dance with joy!   Because in the Pacific Northwest it doesnt stick around for very long.  And of course I dont have to drive in it unless I absolutely must.  Like over the mountains to Idaho for Thanksgiving - that was a MUST! 

"We will drive through anything for SHEEP!"

Did you say SNOW?  

Sheep and snow, not such a good combination...but it is very pretty to photograph.  The snow is supposed to stick around all week - the worst coming on Wednesday, according to the ever reliable weather service.   We are running in a trial next weekend in Roy.  I wonder if it will look like this again?  

Beazer loves the snow too!

Awww lets be honest here...she loves being outside stalking her sisters. 

She watches...her little butt in the air.

"Are you seriously talking 'bout my butt?"

At least I am not talking about the little fat pouches you have on your tummy, Miss Beatle. 

Actually, Bea is not fat.  She is at a perfect weight, according to the vet.  Last week she went in for her third set of shots and she weight 16.8 lbs.  A healthy, sturdy puppy...whose ears are a wee bit confused. 

Will they both be up?   One is already up to stay...the other cant seem to make up its mind. 

Maybe I should use duct tape and bend the prick ear down?  Better yet I can get a staple gun and use that?  Or how about I just use mole skin and string, or something else equally asinine.  I can't understand why people do that to their 'show' dogs.  Please forgive me if you find a reason to mold your puppy's body in some particular fashion to adhere to a 'breed standard' - because I am sure you have a very good reason to cause suffering and pain.   Personally I feel any changes to a dog's body is ... well icky.  Cropping (ears or tails), tape, surgery, breeding for appearance....WTF? 

I have one boob larger than the other.  Should I have it surgically altered just so I will look better in a dress?  Actually, that is not a good analogy.  I would need to lose the weight of a small wildebeest in order to look good in a dress.  

Wait...I need to shut up now, lest I start a hornets nest.  Please ignore the previous paragraph - I know nutting!  Nutting, I tell you!  Nutting! 

I love my puppy just the way she is. 

Floppy ears...

Prick ears...

My mouth runs happy little puppies. 

"Oh hiya!  I have missed you for so LONG!"  It has been a while since I had a good shot of Bonnie to share.  She has been adjusting to the puppy quite well and has even taken to playing with her.

"Camera Face...please shut up and throw the damn ball?"

What was the point of this post anyway? 

I dunno.  I rarely have a point I try to make.  I like pictures.  I prefer to keep the text simple and something that will make me smile when I look back at it.  I hope when you visit our blog you smile too. 

Anything else makes my head hurt.

What was I saying? 

Over the fence he goes!  Like a gazelle on crack! 

I have to tell you, since I have switched the dogs to total raw, added liquid glucosamine, fish oil, sardines & made sure I peel the inside skin/film off the inside of each egg (among other things) & give it to Ranger I have seen NO MORE LIMPING!  It appears his leg is not bothering him as much anymore and he JUMPS again! 

See I have proof!

Weeeeeee!  SNOW! 

Time for me to shuddup now....before I put my finger in my mouth again.  Or is that foot?  If you are typing....wouldnt it be finger?  Unless of course you type with your feet - then it could be construed to 'foot in your mouth'. 

I should not drink wine and blog. 


Erin O said...

Raw is amazing.

I really hope Bea isn't hiding it in her crate anymore :)

See you in Roy.

Jennifer Rose said...

I would have liked for Sky's one ear to stay floppy, but I love her stand at attention ears as they are :)

most women have one breast bigger than the other, sometimes it annoying trying to find a bra to fit properly :/

i love that top pick :D

Diana said...
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The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Wonderful photos... and I love the new header! Very nice!

julie said...

Totally agree with the Sprollies! And raw is amazing indeed. :)

BTW 1, What are those little fat pouches on Beas tummy exactly? Just curious!

BTW 2, I taped the ears of my youngest BC... Made sure it didn't hurt her and all that, it just took her a moment to adjust to the strange feeling, but that was all.

Her ears were hanging flat next to her head, really like Beagle ears. I didn't do it because I don't like those kind of ears (which, admittedly, I don't, not in a BC anyways. I LOVE prick ears, or folded ears, even what I call "bat ears", but not really hanging ears). But my pup was, like many breeds with complete hanging ears, having serious ear infections, 'cause her ears couldn't breathe enough. After talking to the vet, and noticing that sometimes her ears would lift themselves for a day or so - which promises at least some strength in them - I let someone help me tape them to a stick. Now her ears are raised, and tipped sideways (only when she's very tired or cranky one or two hang flat again). She never ever had an ear infection again... And she listens better now! (kidding)

Just saying, that sometimes (though, sad enough, more not than likely) people can have a good reason for changing a dog's body.
Like cropping tails. I hate it, too, really. In my country it's forbidden, luckily. People can still get a Dobermann w/o tail for instance from abroad, but they can't get into show or sports, or get a breeding licence. But then again I know some of these dogs who always beat their tails against furniture until it's bleeding, day in day out. Or working hunting dogs, who've had cropped tails for centuries, and now have constant lacerations or infections from running through bushes, barbed wire, etc.

I'm not trying to say we should go back to cropping or any kind of physical changes to alter the appearance, please no! But I do think sometimes it's very clear, and yet sometimes there's a very thin line...

julie said...

Forgotten: Both me and my dogs absolutely love snow too!!

RYKER said...

Nah, you keep drinking that wine, cuz we are all smiling!
Love the new photos of the gang, the header and sidebar shots too. You have been a busy woman!
Good to hear the raw is working. We do partial raw.
Oh, and the sheep in the snow shot...I Love It! I think that the sheep being several different colors really helps and gives it more interest.

BCxFour said...

Julie, the little fat pouches on Bea's tummy are just that...little fat pouches that for some reason showed up in that shot. When she lies down they are gone, just normal little puppy fat.

I understand what you are saying about ears and why it can be necessary (as in your case) for health reasons to alter them. I am not that educated on the whole thing. I do find the whole thing distasteful for most purposes (pit bulls, dobies & etc) & truly appreciate your input! Thank you!

Karen said...

We must have got the same snow as you, don't the dogs love it:)?

That was interesting about the egg membranes, I had never heard of it, so googled it. Makes me feel even better about the raw free range eggs our dogs get:) (we have to do something with all the cracked or weird shaped eggs our hens produce)

Pat A said...

Great pix. Like your new title.
I hear you might get more snow today than we will tomorrow. Pups enjoy.

julie said...

@ BCxFour: And I appreciate your reaction, thx! :)