Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brill -AKA- Kiddo

A while back we fostered a young pup named Kiddo

(Let's pretend this is a picture of Cindy & Brill because it goes so nicely with my story.  It is actually Cindy & Kael, but if you sorta cross your eyes and squint them you can almost believe it is Brill.  Thanks!)

I met Cindy for the first time when I brought Brill over to meet her and to be tested on sheep. Cindy fell in love with him and adopted him on the spot.   
Brill almost turned himself inside out with joy when he met Cindy. 

Cindy began training Brill on sheep.   When Brill came into rescue he was extremely hand shy, timid, submissive and worried about everything.  He came from the Klamath Falls area of Oregon.  The story was he was allegedly dumped at a border collie breeder's home.  They decided not to keep him because they had several bitches coming into season and he was not fixed.  So, they surrendered him into rescue.   Who knows what happened to him prior to rescue.  

All that has changed for Brill.  Under Cindy's handling he is a happy, confident dog.

Around 10 years ago Cindy was an accomplished open handler.  She fell away from trialing when things in her life went topsy turvy while she worked her way through nursing school.  

Adopting Brill brought her back into the world of sheepdog trials.  

Over time Cindy has become my mentor in addition to one of my closest friends. 

Cindy adores Brill.  Brill adores Cindy. 

However, this particular sheep is not particularly fond of him.

A couple of weeks ago I was thrilled to watch Cindy & Brill take first in the Ranch class at the Rocky Ewe Trial in Roy, WA.   Last week they placed third at Kearney Creek.  Soon, she will be moving him up to Pro Novice...and eventually Open.  He has the talent and the moves to go all the way. 

Placing this little guy with Cindy,  changed his life & mine.  He has a home where he can work every day, doing what he loves & I have a cherished friend.

Serendipity through adoption & a very happy forever home for Brill.  Now that, is a happy ending.


Anonymous said...

I love these stories.

Hillbilly Betty said...

Great story! My heart smiles for a good rescue story!

julie said...

The story is truly heartwarming, and the pictures are stunning!!

RYKER said...

I agree with all of the above. A great rescue and best friend to boot!

An English Shepherd said...

I like happy endings :-)

Marshall Lynch said...

i really love the's very nice.

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