Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Daze

Winter is here before Fall ended.

The dogs are none to pleased.

Ranger wants to know, "Where are the Reindeer?"

Bonnie says "Bring it on!  I LOVE SNOW!"

"Snow, Snow, Snow!  Wait...why it is stuck to my Jolly Squirrel?"

Brynn, serious as always says, "Unless there are sheep out here, I see no other purpose to freeze my ass off."

"Forget this...I am going in the house."

 Uhhhh, Brynn.  Hang in there.  We are going to go work sheep right now.  Judy is having a training trial today and it isn't snowing in Roy like it is here - lets go!

Hi Judy! 

"You LIED!  You said it wasn't snowing in Roy.  Why are we here?"

We are here to work sheep!

"I don't see no stinkin' sheep"

They are out there!  I promise!  You will just have to trust me and I will get you to your sheep!

"I think you are smoking Ranger's pot". 

And trust me they did...they found their sheep.  Brynn has been stretching her outrun.  Last week at Ronnie's during Dianne's lessons Brynn was perfectly nailing 500 - 600 yard blind outruns.  Dianne always told me that Brynn is a hill dog - now I believe her.  Sunday at Judy's training trial Brynn ran gorgeous wide & deep  outruns, she went a little wide on her away side and got lost in the brush, but came back and checked in for a direction & finally spotted her sheep and brought them to me perfectly on line. 

Beth did equally as well.  I feel like I should knock on wood while I type this, but she is finally starting to listen to me.  I have cut her back drastically in working/training.  She only gets to work when she listens.  The minute she stops listening, she is put away.  If I work her too much she turns into Gumby and it goes down hill fast.  On Sunday she ran a gorgeous outrun, lifted beautifully, gave plenty of space on the fetch, which was dead perfect online - circled around me nicely and even continuted to listen to me on the drive. 

No more novice for either dog - we are movin' on up.  Ranch for Beth and Ranch & eventually Nursery for Brynn. 

We stopped working when we couldn't see the sheep anymore. 

Bob called it on account of blizzard.

Jeanne's Moses was sad

"No more woolies?"

Sorry dude, the sheep are being put away before the white out hits. 

The sheep were relived.

They must think we are all nuts

Wait, do sheep think?  I mean really think, like we do?  

Or it is more like "See Dog, RUN!", "See Food, EAT!", "See Stupid Human, smash them up against the fence, step on feet, kick in head",   "Run across field, giggle and laugh, then do it again."

Okay, Ladies...time to go home.  

Say Goodbye to Judy and Cindy.  Thank you for a wonderful day working sheep!  

Stay warm and dry! 


Country Girl said...

While I was at the doctors office one day, I read a National Geographic article on how smart animals are. According to the article sheep are able to recognize 10 (something like that) different faces and are able to differentiate emotion. That made me laugh because it means the sheep know when I'm PO'd at them! lol

Great pics, as always!

Karen said...

I could see either of those two pictures of the flock of sheep and a dog as a Christmas card:)

julie said...

Wonderful snow-sheep pics!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

I love snow! Love the photos too!

forensicfarmgirl said...

Holy Cow! It's 80 degrees here! Remind me not to gripe about that again! That looks COLD! I LOVE your snow shots though, and thanks for the laughs. I'm still giggling over Ranger's weed!

food for thought said...

i am so mesmerized with your photos, you really have the IT thing with your subjects~

Diana said...

Very cool looking "sheep in the fall snow" pictures. Diana

WalkOn Border Collies said...

Looks like a great day! What fun - working sheep in a snow storm! Did Judy haul her sheep to Ronnie's?