Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick Post - DD Lessons, Sheep and Babies

I am exhausted.  Dianne Deal came to teach three jam packed days of lessons at Ronnie Smith's farm in Yelm, WA.  Everyday started bright and early on the farm at dawn. 

 Dianne taught lessons from sunrise to sunset. 

Lessons were taught using a commercial flock of Romney/North Country Cheviot. 

This was an once in a lifetime opportunity for the dogs to work completely un-dogged sheep in a lesson scenario. 

The only draw back was the sheep are not conditioned, nor were they used to being run around.  Which meant the volunteers were needed to switch the sheep out every 30 minutes... or less if they were run a great deal.  Our volunteers rocked the weekend!  Jorgen's dog was injured and had to sit out Saturday and Sunday, which meant Jorgen turned into a sheep dog.  I believe he is ready to run open now, but he is a bit slow on the outrun - however his shedding skills are top notch! 

I bet he will sleep for a week. 

My fellow organizer, Cindy...proved to be particularly troublesome and resorted to extortion on the last day.  Something about a $125.00 kept coming up.  I just ignored her. 

She likes to make silly faces when I try to take her picture.  Except when she is looking at her dogs, then she turns into mush.  Like this...

Dogs were exhausted. Handlers and the best volunteers in the world (Jorgen & Jeff)  were happy & exhausted.  The minute we walked into the house in the evening Dianne dropped like a lead balloon, until the alarm went off at 0500 the next morning and it all began again. 

She is the original energizer bunny. 

I am exhausted & will write more about the weekend later this week. 

Right now I need to head to the hospital where my daughter is in labor.  Her water broke and the baby is coming!  Tomorrow by this time I will be a grandmother.  Wooot!


Karen said...

How exciting! I hope the labour is not too hard on your daughter, or you:) All the best!

The Thundering Herd said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for inviting me, the whole weekend were great fun. I so appreciate the chance to be at Ronnie’s farm and all the work everyone put in to make this such a great experience.

Emma Rose said...

Yay! Baby is on the way!!!