Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Because

Since I am still struggling with organized thought and coherent sentences, I just thought I would share some pictures I shot the past couple of weeks at Cindy's & Fido's...just because.

Obviously I am still having fun with my camera and LOVE my new lens.  This is Cindy's dog Kael.

 I have been learning how to move my focus point around in the frame to select what I want the focus to be on.  It is harder than letting the Auto Focus feature find it for you, but makes for some nice shots in the long run - if you get it right - which, most of the time I do not.  

I have also been having fun shooting on a narrow depth of field so I can selectively blur out the sheep, etc.

This sh*t is hard!  I find myself getting all confuddled trying to adjust the shutter, aperture, manual focus point....AHHHHHH!   Many times I am just happy if the color comes out nice - screw the focus.  :)

Ooooohhh pretty bokeh trees. 

The colors at Fido's on Halloween were gorgeous.

Kael is enjoying himself.

Cindy has been working with Kael to help him get over his squirrely behavior in strange fields.  It has been a confidence issue she thinks. He has been coming along nicely.

I think he is gorgeous and don't really notice how nicely he works..because I am always ooooohing and ahhhhing over his flowing fur and bright yellow eyes.

His littermate, owned by Jo Ferguson also makes me ooooh and ahhhhh....too.

I could never judge a trial.  I would be enthralled at how pretty the dogs look and forget why I was there.

"Sure he missed the panels...but give him extra points because he was so pretty while doing it."  I would be one of those judges they find trapped in a tipped over porta-potty.  No one would claim responsibility. 

Cindy's dog Finn posed so nicely for me with the autumn splendor behind him.  Note: Finn is a Rigg's son.  How can you tell?  See the freakishly long tongue?  Yep, Riggs baby.

Ohhhh pretty barn across the field.

Cindy picked up my camera when I was working Brynn.

I liked this shot she took of Brynn with my legs.   Kinda looks like we are a team...or a dog working as a team with two large tree trunks in muck boots.

I loved this shot Cindy got of my Brynndalynn.... uh, do you see foam in her mouth too? 

I was wondering why it seems like dogs get more stylish, you know.... all creepy & crawly as they mature. 

I asked Dianne. She explained it to me.  I would love to share it with you, but I forgot.  Damn Menopause.  It is making blogging very difficult.

Actually, it is making daily life difficult.  On another note.  I went to the doctor the other day because I have been sick.  They did blood tests and called me to tell me to start taking Vitamin, IMMEDIATELY.  Apparently I had  none in my blood stream.  Sunblock is our friend in so many ways....but does not allow our body to make Vitamin D.  Which leads to depression among other things.

Chili is not lacking in Vit D.  

Gael Gann's Chili

I wonder if a lack of Vitamin D causes you to loose your marbles too?  Could that be how my shoes ended up in the freezer?  Perhaps I should blame it on a massive Vit D deficiency.  

How do dogs make Vit D?  They have fur?  Do they absorb the sun through their eyeball peepers?  

Gael's Chili

I am rambling again.  I am tired from cleaning most of the day.  I was seized by a out of control cleaning bug.  My daughter's pre-birth nesting must be contagious.  I rearranged the furniture in the living room, then immediately regretted it when I saw the dirt on the carpet.  Dogs are not kind to beige carpeting. 

I wonder what the baby will do to the carpet?  Oh, no.  That thought just brought back a memory of my middle son with a permanent marker and light blue carpeting.  *shudder*

Cindy's Kael

I don't think Gael suffers from a Vit D deficient depression.  She always has a beautiful smile on her face. 

Chili smiles too.  You would be able to tell that if I had manged to get his entire face in the shot. 

While going through all the pictures on my camera - I found this one Cindy shot.  It is quite possibly the best picture I have ever found taken of me.  A real keeper!   Looking at this I realized I am not as horrible looking as I thought.  

Now this is a pretty girl. 

Bob Hickman's Ryder

For someone who didn't have a whole lot to say at the beginning of this blog post, I have manged to spew quite a bit of nonsense between the pictures. 

Guess I will shuddup now and go to bed.  Where I will lay awake and think of all the things I need to get done before I pick up Dianne Deal at the airport tonight.  I have scheduled her an entire weekend of lessons at Ronnie's farm in Yelm.  As our friend Jorgen put it...we have an 'Epic Weekend' ahead of us. 

No worries, it will be sufficiently documented...I will have Helen with me the entire time. 


Diana said...

What a great shot of Gael. I dont know her but that picture really seems to talk. Its suck a beautiful shot. Diana

KPR said...

Suck. Hee hee. She (above) said suck!

I love the barn shot, myself.

food for thought said...

you are such an artist with your words and camera, love seeing your life in living color~ hope you feel better soon and do you think vit d can kill menopause?

gvmama said...

Great hobby when you can work sheepdogs and can take great photos! Loved them all, but the one photo of Ryder I'd have done up as a 16 X 20. GORGEOUS!

RYKER said...

Stunning dogs and fall colors. Those russet red trees in the background are so nice. I can tell that your new lens loves you right back! That picture of Ryder is sweet! Those curly tendrils are neat.
Yes, load up on that Vit. D. I take 6,000u every day as we don't get much daylight in the winter here. It really does seem to help with my mood.
~Sandy and Ryker

Laura L. said...

I love your pictures and the commentary is so much fun too!

I take vitamin D too. It can help a lot. Go for it and I hope it works.

Samantha said... made me laugh reading this.

Lovely shots! I have trouble picking up all this photography stuff, I really need to learn to use the manual parts more than I do. You are doing great by the looks of those.

All the Borders Collies are stunning, especially your Brynn of course!

I hope you feel better soon, it is a good point about how the dogs get their vitamin D, with their coats covering their skin.