Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Puppy Attack!

One of these puppies...is gonna be OURS!

Below are the Bett x Riggs Black & White Females.  

And the two Tri-Colored Females.  The one on the left looking at the camera sent me telepathic, or should I say 'puppy-pathic' messages telling me she wants to live with CameraFace.  Already, at this young age, she knows a camera lens and is posing.   I love the serious little attitude she has going on...in this picture at least.  As much as I know she could be hell on wheels - which is why I am leaving Dianne to choose for me.  She knows the puppies, my family and our pack of dogs already.  I can't tell anything really from a picture.  But I can pretend I do...which is half the fun. 

Does she look like a Bliss or Bea?  I don't know if either name fits.  *sigh*

I admit, I am feeling a wee bit of panic.  I have an occasional "what have I done" thought bouncing around in my brain.  Not unlike that feeling of panic you feel in the 9th month of pregnancy.  When the inevitable day comes that you must shoot the baby forth from your womb.  During labor I really wanted to undo what I had been done - and kill my husband - which I tried to do, according to our labor nurse.  I can't remember anything other than his screams of pain which seemed to drown out mine. 

Of course, you love the baby and can't wait until you hold them in your arms, smell their heads and count their toes...but panic does overtake you here and there, especially when you realize how much childbirth is going to hurt like a mother *insert bad word here* which is why I requested copious amounts of drugs.  Pain drugs are good, however I do not think drugs will assist me in puppy potty training.

It is a massive commitment.  Not unlike a child, when I bring a dog into my home...be it one of the four rescue dogs I have now and the others that preceded them.  Or the first puppy I have ever bought from a reputable breeder - I make a commitment to that dog for life.

Our pack grows and adjusts.

Like Beth.  In the past three years she has raised two puppies.  Once upon a time Beth adored Bonnie. She would lick her & snuggle with her.  My, how time has changed.  The only reason why they do not try to rip each others faces off -  they are more afraid of the consequences from ME than anything else.  That and very careful management and exposure our pack has found a peaceful routine. 

Beth adored Brynn, still does to this day. 

This pair never fights.  Brynn would hang off her face.  Beth ignored her.

I am not worried about Beth with a puppy.  I am however a tad bit concerned how Brynn will handle one.  She will be fine once she realizes this little thing is a dog - not a monster out to eat her paws.  I am sure there will be jealousy and an adjustment period. 

Last week when we were staying with our friend Erica in Walla Walla for the Fire Ridge trial Beth and Brynn met her five month old puppy Q.

Q is his name, fun is his game.  He stalks his next victim. 

Gotcha!  Brynn never knew what hit her! 

Ahhhh a puppy!  

"What is this little thing buzzing my face?" 

"You are annoying" 

"I am outta here! "

"Gotta shake this puppy!"

"Going to run, far and fast.....out of sight, out of mind"

"Ha ha ha ha!  You cant catch me!  I am footloose and puppy FREE!"

Q awaits his next victim

He spots her!

The chase is on...

Over hill, over dale...

Beth cant shake the puppy tail...

...as the puppy goes trailing along

Oh boy....

Does she look annoyed to you? 

She has the patience of a saint...with puppies.  

Yep, I see something coming soon.   

Gettin' time to teach an annoying puppeh a lesson of respect.  

She turns away....to no avail

She darts....he weaves...then nips at her ear. 

Smack down!   Beth tells him to knock it off.  He yelps and all is forgotten. 

Q sits for a moment....evaluates his options. 

He wanders, chases a leaf...then selects his next victim.  

There he is...his new older brother, Tater. 

He knows better than to harass his older sister Zoe.  She does not tolerate puppy foolishness.  

"I do not do puppies.  They are beneath me.  I am far too beautiful for immature boys."

He stalks...


"Leave me alone you little freak!"

"Please take it with you when you go home?"

I am sorry Tater Man, your momma would kill me & we have our own puppy coming home at Thanksgiving. Hang in there, one day Q will discover sheep and your life will improve.  


Pat A said...

Love it. You seem to have a nanny dog also. Ours is Cassie of course. We also have one of those pesky 5 month old male BC pups that soon will be available for adoption. He plays that contact way himself. Thankfully Dan Likes it. Send towels to Diane or have her purchase one hand towel size for each dog you have and have the pups sleep on them then send them to you to put in their crates or where they sleep so the smell of the pup will already be part of their pack smell.

food for thought said...

you shots of Q are phenomenal! your new pup will be perfect for those glam shots. loving all the b&w you share, it makes me very happy seing so much joy~

Karen said...

Oh my, that Q is cute:) Love that age!

RYKER said...

How exciting! Looking at all your wonderful photos makes me want another puppy! My one very spoiled Aussie would probably love it unless I were to pet it. He just loves to play with other dogs but gets jealous if they seek my attention.
I am anticipating tons of new puppy pictures!

Veronica Lodge said...

What a bunch of cuties. Reminds me of when I first met the litter of my BCx...I had no idea they had the hearding instinct at such a young age. They were attempting to heard chickens and ducks when they were about 8 weeks old :)

gvmama said...

Ahhh Carolyn...some of your BEST. The pics of Q made me melt with his enthusiasm and adorable expressions. There is truly nothing like a new puppy. Mine are 12, 10, 8, 6, and almost 3. It will be awhile before I can get a new puppy. I'll live the dream through your blog. Thanks. :0)

Corbin said...

Oh, my... too cute. My mom just LOVE bc puppies! (and adults!)

Lean said...

beautiful pictures sweet puppy´s to.

Country Girl said...

I was trying to remember that phrase - The one that goes ? in haste, repent in leisure. Something like that anyhow...

Love the pictures - as always amazing! Pups are sooooo much fun, and soooooo much work. But worth it. I love that you can see their little personalities so quickly, and you can shape their behavior - they are so keen to learn.

I know when you have the little warm body cuddled close to you and they give you some token licks that all is forgiven. Well, most days. lol

icegarden said...

Wow Carolynn! LOVED THIS!! Thank you so, so much.