Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bonnie's Fashion Show

Just in time for the Holidays and those long cold winter nights, we present Bonnie, modeling her selection for Thanksgiving and beyond.  

This lovely ensemble enhances Bonnie's striking black and white freckles.  She wears it so well. 

This casual sweater set works well with anything.  Perfect for those walks along the river, catching snow flakes on your tongue or roasting chestnuts on an open fire.  

Bonnie said she felt right at home in this outfit - featuring a traditional knit of her ancestors from the British Isles, hand made by Grandma many years ago.  Bonnie says she will take better care of this sweater than the new baby who will just barf on it.  

"Seriously, doesn't this outfit just make my freckles pop?"

We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Say a prayer or two for me as I am heading across the mountains to Idaho for the holiday, where we will be spending it with Dianne Deal and friends.  I am picking up teh puppeh and bringing her home!!!  

If I plummet off an icy mountain tomorrow and the dogs survive - I want Ranger & Beth to stay with John.  Bonnie wants to live with my parents where my mom can knit her all the sweaters she desires.  Brynn will go to Cindy.  My camera gear to Jodi.  My husband will be up for grabs.  He is a nice guy, good job, lifts heavy things, fixes stuff, vacuums, does dishes, a good dad...but snores like a Grizzly bear and is a terrible cook.  

Take good care of them all. I will wave to you from the other side.


Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a safe trip!

sagechronicles said...

Bonnie is most striking in her new bonnet and sweater, although I'm not too sure how happy she looks!!

food for thought said...

safe travels to you, and i see a huge market for doggie apparel in your future~

Emma Rose said...

Bonnie looks beautiful! She is a great model. Does she know there is a new sister coming?
Safe travels!

Emma Rose

Lean said...

ooooo doggy it looks cold outside...funny pictures.

RYKER said...

Bonnie does look very cute... and patient.
Have a safe and fun trip. We are waiting for puppy pictures!

G. M. Atwater said...

Your posts and photos always make me smile. :) I don't know why it only just now dawns on me to add you to my list of blogs I follow!

Bonnie is adorable. My Gael would love a gramma like hers. ;)
Cheers ~