Friday, August 6, 2010

Secret in the Daisies

Oh HI!  My name is Secret.  I am a puppy.  My momma Jeanne got me from the Helsley Ranch in Idaho. 

I live with two boring boys, Moses & Rocky.  They dont know it yet, but they is in trouble.  

I am gonna rock their world...  Just sayin'

Wanna play ball with me?  


I like to toss my ball all by myself.  

Then catch it 'fore it 'scapes

Balls are bad, they like to 'scape.  My job is to keep them from doin' that.  

I like to throw balls in the water. 

I'm so smart.  My mom says she is gonna be in trouble when I am older. 

When the ball is floating...I give it the 'eye'.   Or it will try to get away from me.

See!  Did you see that?  It tried to 'scape again!
You are not 'scapin' me you bad old ball!



I meant to do that. 

I needed to learn how to get out of the water trough anyway.  

What are those?  Balls with legs?

Wait Ma!  Where are you going?  Did you see the SHEEP?

What are these?  They smell funny....

Ma, did you see me?  I smelled the flowers.  

I can still see the sheep...look...out there! 

Do you see them too?  

I think I'm supposed to do sumtin' with those sheep when I get older...

I can't wait. 

I am gonna be the best sheepdog ever.  You'll see...I'll show ya. 


RYKER said...

OMG, she is adorable!!!! I think I'm in puppy love!!
Your right, no doubt she's gonna be hell on wheels. Love it!

Monique said...

Very cute, and loaded with trouble.

Lean said...

sweet sweet puppy i am in LOVE!!!!!!

gvmama said...

Small but her ears.
Hope they stay flopped over a bit.

Lynn said...

My favorite photo is the last one. What a sweetie!