Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ranger's Bubble Nightmare

Camera Face: Come Ranger...lets have some fun!

Ranger: Whatcha want to do?  Do I get treats? 

Camera Face: Yes, Ranger you get lots of treats...all you have to do is sit still while we blow these bubbles all around you.  You can catch them if you want!   

Ranger: I dont know about this...are you sure they wont hurt me?

Camera Face:  I promise Ranger, they will not hurt.  They are just silly little bubbles.

Ranger:  Okay, I will try this.  But if they hurt...I may hate you forever. 

Camera Face:  Lets start!  Sit, Ranger, Sit! 

Ranger: I dont know about just popped on my nose.  That tastes yucky!

Ranger:  What?  More?  I don't know about this...

Camera Face:  Ranger will you please grow a pair?  

Ranger: I did, you stole them.  

Camera Face:  Sigh...

Ranger: You are abusing me.  I am going to tell. 

Camera Face:  Really?  Who you going to tell?  

Ranger:  I am going to call the Dog Protective Agency.  DPS will put you in jail for abusing me! 

Camera Face:  Sadly, there is no such thing as DPS.  

Ranger: I have teeth.

Camera Face:  Ranger, stop it.  

Ranger:  It is gonna poke my eye out!  I WILL BE BLINDED! It will be all YOUR FAULT!

Camera Face:  Want another yummy salmon treat?  

Ranger: Give me the whole bag?

Camera Face:  You can have one....maybe three.  

Ranger:  Screw that....Give me the whole bag AND let me sleep on the bed tonight! 

Camera Face:  You cant have the whole bag, you will throw up.  

Ranger:  Okay, half the bag, and I sleep on the bed for a week!  

Camera Face:  Ranger, after you eat these salmon treats you fart too much.  I would die in my sleep.  

Ranger:  You hurt my feelings. 

Camera Face:  Drama Queen

Ranger: I hate you.  

Camera Face:  Sigh.  

Ranger:  I don't like this game.  

Camera Face:  I am sorry

Ranger: There is no apology big enough to heal the giant gaping hole I have in my heart.  

Camera Face:  Ranger, you do not play well with others.  

Ranger:  Later, you evil bubble biatch. 


Bonnie:  Ranger is an idiot.  I love bubbles, and salmon treats and bubbles, and salmon treats and you! 

Camera Face:  I love you too Bonnie.  It is refreshing to have such a happy positive attitude to work with!  

Bonnie:  Can I ask a question?  

Camera Face:  Sure what? 

Bonnie:  Can I sleep on the bed tonight?  


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable photos! Wow. I just keep looking at them and looking at them. Amazing. You're one talented camera face :)

Thinkin your beds gonna be a bit crowded for a while,

heartsong said...

"snicker"--that was great--"chuckle"--the faces and your commentary--definitely one of my favs!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

That conversation with Ranger reminds me of mine with Ben at the seaside! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant photos! WOW! Nice dogs, too!

One Dog, One Camera said...

LMAO! Reading your post was a great way to start my morning :) Absolutely wonderful pictures!

Lynn said...

I tried playing with bubbles with my cat. He had the EXACT same attitude as Ranger. They were even catnip scented! Isn't it funny how you never know what our pets are going to think is fun or what is going to annoy/scare them!? :)

P.S. That Ranger is one gorgeous dude!

Pat A said...

Love the story line and the pix.
Bonnie looks so happy and contented, maybe she has decided she likes to pose for the camera.

RYKER said...

Fun post, thanks for the laugh! Looks like Ranger truly does not care for bubbles!

Corbin said...

Great pictures! Two paws up!

julie said...

ZOMG, I'm afraid I'll have to change my pants now. ;)
"I did, you stole them", the "poke my eye out" pic, and Bonnie in the end. *Still snorting*

Thank you ever so much for making my day good, with these delightful pics and your awesome captions!

The Thundering Herd said...

Salmon treats and dogs in the bed - what could be a better combination (grins - and my dogs like anchovies - whooooo!)