Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beth's Dream

One day at the Columbia River Gorge below the Wild Horse Monument near Vantage, WA....

Beth: Look, look, come quick LOOK!  

Camera Face:  Beth, dont get too close to the edge!  


Camera Face: Aaaagh!  Beth, I know there is a pathway just below and it is an optical illusion...but you are still SCARING ME!  Come back here! 

Beth: Wait, wait....I can just see it.  

Camera Face:  What do you see?  

Beth:  Down there....she is floating away.  

Camera Face:  Oh my doG.....WHO IS FLOATING AWAY?  Did someone fall?  

Beth:  She didn't fall, I pushed her.   

Camera Face:  You did WHAT?  Pushed WHO?  

Beth:  I pushed Bonnie's fat arse off the edge.  I am finally rid of her annoying bark and spotty face.

Camera Face:  You did not!  We left Bonnie at home.  Why would you say such a thing?  

Beth:  Positive Visualization.  Dream it and it will happen. 

(the above sign was photographed at another location on the Crooked River in Oregon by Tjflex2 on Flickr)


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Ha ha! That was very mean of you Beth... even though our dogs would probably like to do that to Ben cause he's annoying...

MTWaggin said...

Camera Face, that first photo is STUNNING! Beth, don't scare Camera Face that way! LOL

Lynn said...

Columbia River Gorge! Beautiful! Breathtaking! Spent 4 days in Hood River in the middle of a California/Oregon road trip in June 2008. Rainy, but still gorgeous! ;)

My word verification: scratic.
Is that when you're frantic trying to scratch an itch?! LOL

RYKER said...

Fabulous Photo's! Beth, those comments may have been a bit over the edge.