Monday, August 9, 2010

Portrait of a Lovely Red Dog - Lucy

Earlier this year I did a photo shoot for my friend Monique who writes Behaviors of a Dog Mom.  You can see the pictures from that shoot below. 

Monique, Zora, Paddy, Magick & Lucy  on Flickr

One of the main purposes of this shoot was to get a good shot of Lucy for a hand drawn portrait from Patrice Palmer of Austin Animal Art

Here is the shot Monique chose.  While this is a nice picture - I was not as happy with this shot - because the focus was on Lucy's nose, instead of her eyes - but she is still quite enchanting & it captured her personality perfectly. 

The wonderful thing about Austin Animal art is they are able to take a snap shot, even slightly blurry picture and still produce a stunning image. 

 Ahhhhh gorgeous! 

Please check out Austin Animal Art.  Her pricing structure is very reasonable.  Just think of how special it would be for a loved one to receive a hand drawn portrait of their special companion.  Simply priceless. 


RYKER said...

Beautiful work...both of you!

Danielle said...

This is absolutely lovely. And, don't worry, I think the portrait captures Lucy's eyes beautifully. Thanks for sharing.