Friday, March 19, 2010

Two Minutes in the Life of Ranger

Have you ever wondered what it is like to photograph Ranger? 

I can get Ranger to pose for anything.  I can pile teddy bears on his head, bury him with stuffed sheep, dress him in any combination of problem.

Shooting him outside is another matter.  Being mostly white with black patches, Ranger's coloring plays havoc with the light meter in my camera.  Combined with erratic, unpredictable movement.... suffice it to say, he provides plenty of opportunity to be 'creative'.

The biggest problem?  The phenomenon known as "Camera Shake".  It is very hard to get a good focus on your subject when you are giggling so hard you can barely breathe.

Here is an example of two minutes in the life of Ranger and Floppy Frisbee. 

Ranger, how can you see where you are going?

There you go...

Be careful Ranger, Bonnie may take Floppy

And so it begins...Floppy Frisbee Convulsions.

Ranger the epileptic

They have drugs to control seizures in dogs, maybe we should get some?

Dude, you drop that Frisbee Blitz is gonna snatch it.....Just sayin'

He is hot on your tail...

Oh boy...more convulsions (Note: Blitz's position)

Uhhhh Ranger....

You might want to look at Blitz...


After Blitz dropped the Frisbee at John's feet, Ranger snatched it back and decided to bring it to the one person who DID NOT THROW, the photographer.

Why?  Whothehellknowswhy...It is Ranger.  Maybe he saw it as another photo op?

"Oh Hi Mom...want some sand and water on your nice new ffff'ing expensive camera?"

"How about I just drop it on the ground and roll on top of it...whatcha think about dem apples Mom?" 

"Must get the Blitz slobber off my Frisbee!"


Ranger, what are you doing?

"Mom, Blitz is looking at my Floppy again...I have my foot on it, he CANT HAVE IT!"

"I will show Blitz who the boss of Floppy is!"


"Did you see that Mom?  I scared him off!"

I don't think so Ranger...he is still watching you.

For the love of doG, Ranger...what are you doing now?

"Burying my Floppy...   Must. Keep. Blitz. AWAY!"

"Did it work Mom, is he gone?"

Blitz said "All intelligent life has left Ranger's universe."

"Hiya!  I am just a puppy, and even I know that Ranger is Special....yep, he's special alright.  SPECIAL ED!"

Poor Ranger. He may be all alone in his universe, but he is happy there.


skyeacres said...

Too funny! What a cute pup, I think her name is Jynx!

Ranger puts on a good show everytime and its never the same!

Arwen said...

Ranger is such a fun goof. Seems like the sort of dog it's hard to be sad around.

Did you ever tell us what the name of puppy Myst ended up being?

Lynn said...

That's my boy!!

(My word verification is "godmenke". Is that Yiddish?)

susan said...

I've never met Ranger, but I love him , nevertheless.

julie said...

Oh my doG, I'm laughing so hard that tears are running down my cheeks.

Ranger looks like the perfect clown!

MurphyDog said...


Great picture sequence!

wags, wiggles & slobbers

An English Shepherd said...

More great pictures.

Ranger is a card :-)


Debra Kay said...

I loves me some Ranger!

The Thundering Herd said...

Ranger - Rusty salutes you. There is nothing wrong with being "different" and "amusing".

BC Insanity said...

Range whatever you Mom says .... you are def. my FAV!!!!

Tonie said...

Julie, I am with you with the 'oh my doG'. That has to be the best and funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Thanks for the laugh!