Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eagle Update

I spoke to Shannon at West Sound Wildlife today about Bob, the juvenile eagle. 

Bob suits him don't you think? 

Bob, was not injured, rather he was starving to death.  He did not have the energy to fly or get away.  They estimate him to be a yearling and most likely booted from his parents when they started nesting again this year. 

He has already gained a pound since Sunday.  Given his size and weight they are assuming he is a 'HE', rather than a she.  Female Bald Eagles are larger than males. 

West Sound Wildlife will keep him in a private enclosure for now, then move him into the 'flight' enclosure in a while so he can gain his flight feathers back.  The larger enclosure has two other eagles in it right now.  An adult and another juvenile.  After they are assured he can fly they will coordinate with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife to release him back where he was found. 

Hopefully if nature is kind, we will never find him on the ground again. 

West Sound Wildlife Shelter is a wild animal medical facility that is able to rescue, diagnose, treat, and release injured and orphaned wildlife. Their important work relies on the energy, dedication, and continued wisdom of volunteers, participating veterinarians, staff, associate state licensed rehabilitators, and board members.

Presently they are raising money for the Take Flight Project Capital Campaign.  The money is needed to build a state-of-the-art flight cage and waterfowl enclosure.  Please donate to the campaign and help save the lives of thousands of local wild animals, including eagles, owls, and great blue herons that you love.  

If you are able to assist this amazing shelter in their mission to improve the lives of wild animals please visit their website and make a donation. It is VERY EASY!  I just did it and it took me a couple of minutes.  Just click on the "Make a Donation" button, enter your information and viola - you are done!  In exchange for making the donation you will receive their news letter and a WSW gift (for donations over $100.00). 

To make it very easy, here is the direct link - click on the picture below. 

If you would like to read news letters as well as many success stories and "what to do" articles - click on the link below.  Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

West Sound Wildlife - A Center for Rehabilitation and Education


Marla said...

Wonderful story so glad you live where you live and can help rescue some of the most beautiful creatures that live on this earth. Keep us informed as to when "BOB" gets to fly home.

Lacey said...

Starving? How strange. I never would have guessed that. so beautiful. I hope he makes it. Life is SO hard, sometimes.