Friday, September 4, 2009

Reality Bites

I am a bad blogger. I don't blog about my REAL life.

I blog about my dogs to escape my real life.

Who wants to hear about my life? Really?

Anyone, Anyone...Bueller?

I could tell you about my son who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and what it is like to live inside a vacuum of chaos, turmoil, anxiety, domestic violence and voices. But that would be depressing...

I could tell you what it is like to live with step children and all the joy that accompanies that particular pleasure. Or how my children treat their step father? Trust me, 'The Brady Bunch' LIED! It is a warped unrealistic trip down step-insane-family lane.

I could share the joy of what it is like to have your adult daughter move back home and behave like an ungrateful, snotty & manipulative 12 y/o. But if I throw her out - bad things will happen and I will be blamed.

I want to experience the Empty Nest Syndrome. Please?

Here is a question: What would you do if you found your teenagers are bombed and your adult daughter drove them home under the influence - in a car without insurance? How do you discipline that particular activity? Beating them is apparently illegal and much harder when they are bigger than you. Unless you wait till they fall asleep...

Wait...will they allow me to train dogs in prison?

I could blog about my birthday that was on Wednesday. The birthday that my husband completely forgot and thinks "I am sorry" makes up for it? He will regret that particular omission in his memory - especially after he sees the result of my passive/aggressive acting out on our bank account.

Can we say "self destructive"?

I could share with you the fun of searching for a job in this economy. I am now facing going back into a career that left me burnt out, broken and sad in order to pay the bills.

Or I could tell you about the trial I entered Beth in on Monday.

I could explain that I am seriously freaking out, scared and anxious about this. I typically do not write about this stuff because if it is a train-wreck then I have to blog about that too.

Now that would be REALLY DEPRESSING!

I am so afraid it will be a train-wreck.

One thing about this sport is that it offers a myriad of ways to humiliate yourself.

Beth is good, I am an idiot and obviously suck as a parent - what makes me think I will be any better as a handler?

We have been working really hard. I was hopeful...until today. While working on penning I could see clearly that Beth isn't listening to a darn thing I am saying. She is watching my body language and my stick. When I put my stick out to help with the sheep - she flanks the other direction and pops them out of the pen. Every. Single. Time.


Now returning you to your regularly scheduled programming.

I love looking at pictures of happy dogs

Happy dogs make me smile

This is why I blog about my dogs

They remind me that some things are right in this world

My dogs help me get my perspective back.

Life really isn't so bad

I just need to think positive

Find my happy place - close my eyes, and imagine the sound of the surf, my dogs sitting by my side.

Feel the sun warming my cheeks. Embrace the peace, let it ooze into my pores and find its way to the deepest recesses of my beleaguered brain.

I was feeling so much better after looking at these happy smiling dog pictures. Right up until my son came to apologize.

He gave me a big hug, said "I am sorry Mom....I love you"

...then farted.

I understand why some animals kill and eat their young.


Diana said...

Feel free to blog about your real life. If people dont want to read it, they just click off.

Parenting is way harder then teaching a dog. Plus dogs you can lock in a cage and leave for the day. Dont be so hard on yourself. Despite what they say on TV and books, everything your kids do is not your fault. Did you listen to everything your parents told you, was it their fault?

My dog always trains crappy right before a trial. Im not sure why. I keep this in my mind when training and try not to get discouraged when it happens. Usually everything works our fine.
Good luck and have fun at the trial. That way your mind can have a vacation from your home life. Diana

Wesley Worrell said...

Well the positive side to all that is that you are an awful good writer.

"Time changes everything" - that's a line from a Bob Wills song from the forties. My experience has been that that statement is true. Whether the change is for the good or the bad can depend on a lot of things, including pure dumb luck.

But - you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, all the while doing the best that you know how, and eventually everything will come out pretty good. No guarantees mind you, but on the whole - pretty good.

I just love those dogs - and your captions are so appropriate for the pictures you attach them to.


sheepkelpie said...

It's not hard to list the garbage we all have to deal with on some level, in our lives. The hard part is listing the good stuff, because it comes in subtle ways- little things that seem meaningless, but serve to buoy us for one more day.

Kids? I can tell you that even though I don't have them, I know, through my family just what sort of extreme work they are, and well, hugs to you.

As to Beth, drop that stick- I did a long time ago, and it helped lucy listen to me, and not my body movements. I am glad you entered a trial, you are ready. Just go in there with your training hat on, and she will be none the wiser, and she will listen :)

Lean said...

some times you need to write things did why not.People can click you off[what diana said]or put their head under the sand...hihi.But real life sometimes...yes its hard,but your doggies they are there for you no mather what.And the pictures are so sweet of them.
good luck and a nice weekend,Lean and many many doghugs from Misty[WOOF].

Kris Wiltse said...

I love your blog no matter what you write about. It's life affirming. Well written and creative. You're very talented! You put yourself out there and we all can relate. Keep on truckin.

Kathy said...

I love your blog and what a great place to let out the frustrations. I myself find it refreshing to read about someone else who is real and has a real life, it is so hard some days to travel among all the people that I see on an everyday basis that all seem to act like life is perfect and they do not experience such problems, their kids are perfect, and their homes are perfect,always makes me feel like I wonder what I am doing wrong, LOL.

Jessie said...

I've been following your blog for quite sometime, and I love reading about your adventures with the BC 4.

Whenver I'm down about things, spending time with my four doggehs always makes me feel better. I don't have any kids yet, but I get to hear about my parents' struggles with my teenage sister.


Laura Carson said...

It's hard to write about the real stuff sometimes. Big creepy internet hugs to you - and you feel free to write about whatever you want. Its your blog!

PS - children cause many gray hairs. I should know... you should see MY parents. LOL!