Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Long Beach, WA - Part 1

We have returned from another vacation at Long Beach, WA.

"Anchored on Washington’s southwestern-most coast, the Long Beach Peninsula is rich in tradition, raw beauty and award-winning lodging and dining establishments. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Columbia River and Willapa Bay, this vacation destination is a refuge for migrating birds and people seeking the solace of a seaside retreat.

Two lighthouses, military forts, museums and interpretive centers illuminate the Peninsula’s rich history. It is here, where the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean meet, that Lewis and Clark realized President Jefferson's quest. Today’s visitors find a wealth of attractions to feed an inquisitive mind and an adventurous spirit."

We frequently stay at The Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort. The Lighthouse Resort is located several miles from the hustle and bustle of town & the boardwalk. The beach is serene and quiet. The best part - the resort is DOG FRIENDLY! They feature dog wash stations where you can hose Fido off with warm water after each trip to the beach. They even provide towels.

I have lived in NC and spent many a summer on the Outer Banks. I have vacationed at Cape Cod. Long Beach truly is the Cape Cod of the west, albeit with cooler water.

Every morning we got up at dawn, before the kids were awake and walked down to the beach. Early mornings on the beach are tranquil, private and beautiful. Unlike the five horrible children back at the condo.

(Click on any picture for larger views)

The tide was on its way out, leaving untouched sand behind.

Until Beth...It is impossible for Beth to stand still. Especially on the beach. She circles, spins, paces, spins, circles, bounces, leaps...you get the picture.

Just throw the ball - the best way to stop sand carnage.

Everyone gets into ball time! They succeed together

They fail together..

Ranger fails more than most...

Then there are the moments where he shines, then crashes into the other dogs.

But he doesn't care. He is at one with the ball. Ranger, Ball Zen.

Crazy Ball Addicts.

This morning the green sea foam was abundant. Bonnie tasted it...then barfed

"So, what ....I drink salt water and hurl. Big deal...just throw the damn ball".

Brynn thought the water looked funky too. "Yep, Ma...tastes like Dad's neck after work".

Ranger and Bonnie investigated...shortly after joined by Beth & Brynn.

Together they checked it out. Together they were submerged by a icky green wave.

But they brought the ball back. Amazing they could see it in that dark green sea foam.

Green Sea Foam Ooze can't thwart our ball skills

Later in the day - Due to sneaky manipulative teenagers who tricked me into a bet that was impossible to win - I too experienced the green ooze, up close and personal.

The kids handed me a boogie board and forced me into the surf. Note: I am the widest one of the clan.

The Pacific Ocean is FREAKING COLD. Things shriveled up I didn't even know I had. I am thankful for the blubber though. Whales have the right idea...

My son, Zach appointed himself my 'protector' and 'boogie board trainer' while all the other kids laughed among themselves. Zach truly is his mothers son. He is evil, pure unadulterated evil. But I love him - I have too, it is in the rule book.

He told me how to wade out to the waves, wait for a good one...then turn toward the shore, jump up, and hang on. Mind you, never trust an teenage boy whose main objective in life is to see his mother dunked.

Gee thanks for the lesson Zach. Much appreciated. He said "turn around Mom, I will tell you when to jump - right before the wave hits you".

In the photo below: Zach's head is to the left. You cannot see my head because I am completely submerged under the wave - but you can just make out my board. I could hear Zach's cackling laughter over my shrieking. Evil child.

It only took about ten waves for me to catch on. Believe it or not, once you get used to the cold..It is FUN! My arms still hurt...

"Ma, Ma, Ma! Don't leave me behind!"

Poor Ranger, left out of the surfing fun.

"Who Me? I don't care if she drowns, just keep throwing the ball, okay".

Stay tuned tomorrow for More Vacation Fun!


The Thundering Herd said...

Ranger, Ball Zen - Chuckling. The Herd is more Food Zen.

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Wooo! Those BC's and their balls.....
I looks as though you had a great time on your vacation, I love the ocean too, although it never is cold here, I wonder why... I will have to think about that.
Scampi is still getting used to the water, next time, Mom is going to take the ball to the water to get him to play more...
-Kira The BeaWootiful

kristi said...

That looks like a great place to vacation! Do they have a limit on how many dogs you can have with you? I've got 4, and I'd love to take them there for a vacay (with the BF) this winter.

Pat A said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time. Love the pix, what can be more enjoyable than pix of dogs totally happy?
Hope the weather holds for you, Tomorrow the temp drops 10 degrees and Saturday another 15.

Lean said...

Wauw you all having a great time...your so lucky.
bye bye,Misty

BCxFour said...


The pet policy at the Lighthouse says 2 dogs. However we have consistently gone with 3 and this year we had four. They didn't bat an eyelash. Of course we didnt come right out and say "we have four dogs". When we registered they asked if we had our dogs with us and we said yes...never specifically stating a number. We didnt try to hide any of the dogs, they were out on the deck together several times a day - to dry off.

We make sure we do not abuse their good will regarding the pet policy. We are very considerate of the neighbors & other people - and try not to bring attention to our dogs. Our dogs are always on leash when on the resort property. We wash our dogs off at the wash stations every time we come back from the beach so they do not get sand all over the units too. When we need to run to the store or pool our dogs are crated and not put in a position where they can get into trouble (i.e. bark).

Hope this helps! This place really is a gem! Wintertime at the Lighthouse is really special! Enjoy!


kristi said...

Thanks for the info! I think we'll go there - your photos make it look very appealing! Growing up on the coast, there is something very peaceful about walking on a beach in the winter ... unless you have Wick running around, digging holes. le sigh. Maybe she can stay home.