Friday, September 11, 2009

Beth's Daring New Look

Beth has something to ask

"Does this outfit make me look fat?"

Beth, it isn't your best color. But it was all I could find in a pinch...

It is simply a case of form follows function

Beth's lovely green & orange ensemble begins with the first layer, a lime green Abercrombie & Fitch tee shirt.

To emphasize her tiny little waist an elastic bandage is gently wrapped around, snug enough to keep the tee from slipping but not so tight as to cause discomfort.

Next we layer the bright orange tee over the top. This gives added protection and keeps curious little teeth & wet tongues away from the area - making it harder for a smart little dog to lick through the first teeshirt or unravel the ace bandage.

Why is Beth sporting this daring combination?

Because our accident prone sweetheart did it again...

Do not look at the next picture if you are at all squeamish.

That is what happens when....well, we have no idea HOW that happened.

One minute she was fine....the next she had a large gaping wound on her side.

The odd thing is I found it when we were resting nicely in the house. I reached down to pet her and felt something wet. I looked and my hand was covered with blood. When I was able to view the wound I could see muscle & a huge pocket. It was deep and nasty.

I immediately called the vet.

Our favorite vet Dr Khachatryan was on duty. Dr Khachatryan treated Brynn when she had parvo. He cared for Katie and Charlie prior to their passing. He is the best.

Beth is a frequent patient at Sumner Vet. This is the fourth serious laceration in less than a year. Egads...

I wanted to blame it on Bonnie, but the vet said it didn't look like a bite wound. (I think she may have tangled with a tomato cage in the garden).


The tee-shirts and elastic bandage work well for Beth. It keeps the wound covered and clean at the same time discourages licking and chewing. Beth does not try to take the clothing off, she is such a good girl. If I did not have the elastic bandage on her then the tee-shirt would ride up and she would be able to get at the wound.

Poor sheep or ball time for 10 days.


Diana said...

OMG thats one big wound. Poor Beth. Dogs are so funny. If that had been us, we be crying and carrying on. Not dogs. "oh look, I have a hole in my side. Hey whats for dinner?" Hope she heals quickly. Diana

Gennasus said...

Oh dear. Accident-prone just like Jana, although it was a good deal more spectacular than Jana's wound. Good idea with the T-shirt, no need for Beth to be a collie lamp.

Hope it's well on the mend.

Emma Rose said...

Oh my goodness! She looks so unhappy :( Maybe now she would bow to the Queen? NOT!!! She's a spunky kid. Hope she heals quickly. RANGER - Please check your email for a word from my Duchess.

Emma Rose

Lean said...

Oh Beth i hope you feeling better soon....take care,love Misty.

PoochesForPeace said...

HOLY CRAPOLA!!!! Glad she's stiched up and stylish at the same time! :) Tell her she looks will help her feel better lol One of py parents' dogs came in the house a few weeks ago and her bottom eyelid was torn somehow like she just hit it on something and she had to have stiches. I hate when stuff like this happens and you have no idea how!

Lacey said...

poor baby