Monday, September 21, 2009

Floppy Frisbee

Since Beth got her stitches out it was time for some river fun.

We found a nice spot on the river that seems to be free of old fish and smelly fishermen. Or is that old fishermen and smelly fish...depends on the day I guess.

Ranger brought along his pride and joy, Floppy Frisbee.

Ranger would follow Floppy to the ends of the earth and bring him back.

But he forgets about Beth.

Beth covets Floppy too

She lets Ranger do all the swimming, then she makes her move.

It is a Floppy Threesome

Sometimes a Floppy Foursome

Occasionally we have a Floppy Quintet

Ranger is patient

Most of the time...

Sometimes he tries to assert himself.

"You cant have my Floppy"

"It is MINE"


When is Ranger going to learn that it is simply pointless to argue with a female?

No matter what, they will make your life a living hell until you just let it go...

Females stick together

Friends, defenders

Supporting & leading the way

Advocating against adversity

Standing behind you, no matter what...

The B - Girls. Sisters from a different mother

United in support

Each is beautiful

Quirky & charming

Even on a bad hair day

Ranger, face it... you are the only male in this equation.

Dude...Accept it, resistance is futile. Girls always win.


The Thundering Herd said...

We don't know why, but our hu-dad was nodding throughout this post.

PoochesForPeace said...

I bet Ranger secretly likes being the only boy ;)

Love the 'bad hair day' pic!!

Lean said...

Ranger loves his girls he knows better...hihihii
bye bye,Lean

Paws on the Run said...

Sorry Ranger but your mom is right.

Emma Rose said...

I am filling out an application for a dog on PNWBC rescue. May I use you as a reference? Please let me know - my work email is


Lauren said...

Ah, the floppy frisbee. We go through about one every few months here because Simon can't get enough of it!

Pat A said...

One of those years with a warm September on the west side of the pass and it looks like the dogs are taking advantages of it.

The desire for owning the soft frisbee is not as gentle here, it would have been in shreds before the last pix. Ours is saved for private games with Trax and Anika.

Life With Dogs said...

Nigel will attest to that closing line! Now since fishermen fish and fish are smelly, aren't they all? ;)