Sunday, September 20, 2009

Moses Lake Pups

I am seriously behind in posting the happenings in our lives...because, you know, Life gets in the way sometimes.

Last Wednesday we hopped in the car and drove 388 miles round trip to Moses Lake to meet these two pups.

Emma and Caryl (pronounced Karl). Click on their names to see their Bio's on PNW Border Collie Rescue website.

Emma and Caryl are being fostered by Pat in Moses Lake. Pat fostered Brynn and countless other litters of puppies. Sadly this last litter all came to her house with parvo, one puppy died but the rest survived and have been adopted. Emma is a little fighter, she spent four days at the vet overcoming the infection. Caryl luckily never contracted it.

The differences between these two pups is like night and day. They are in that awkward stage between puppy and adult dog. They are lanky, goofy but oh so cuddly.

Emma is a tiny little thing. I doubt it if she will get above 25 lbs fully grown.

Emma's ears are almost as big as her head.

Can we say FAST? Wow...

Emma is confident, independent with a goofy sense of humor.

She is such an affectionate monkey.

To get an idea just how petite and tiny Emma is a picture (badly lit, sorry) of Emma near Brynn. Look at the difference in the size of Emma's head compared to Brynn who weighs 28 lbs.

Caryl is much larger than Emma. Pat was told this litter came from working parents in southern Oregon. Uhhh, say what?

Perhaps Caryl is a throw back, but he sure looks like mom romanced a Sherman Tank along the way.

Caryl may look tough, but he is all love and affection. He likes to give hugs, kisses & snuggle in your lap.

But his moves are typical border collie puppy... herdy & intense.

Smart little fart

Caryl has an boo boo on his back, that required sutures but is healing nicely now.

He loves to watch the other dogs, race after them and bring them back.

I sure hope someone can see past the goofy ears, simple coloring, and awkward looks. Whoever does will get a wonderful little dog. Pat & her husband Bob do such an amazing job with their litters.

Both of these pups are beautifully socialized, have wonderful manners and are just plain fantastic little pups.

I wish I had 500 acres and the ability to care for more dogs than I have now.

I would be a weird dog lady. You know the one....the strange woman who smells funny, has oodles of dogs, doesn't speak to people but talks to her dogs all the time. Shoots at strangers who come onto her property...treats her dogs like children

Wait...that is me now - without the 500 acres of course.


kiwichick said...

Wish I could have more dogs too. I would take either in a heartbeat.

Pat A said...

Thanks so much for taking the pix to bring out their personalities.
Canning done, Fishing tomorrow.

May is the best month for Walleye fishing, Now is Bass and Perch.

Emma Rose said...

Oh here they are! I was hoping to see puppy pictures. They sure are cute. :)

BCxFour said...

Emma Rose - the puppies I think you are wanting to see are from a different litter - and I didn't get to see them. They are at the same ranch that Bonnie came from - the lady was not home when I went over to Moses Lake. Hopefully next time!


Lean said...

Lovely pictures and great puppy´s.

The Border Collies said...

Just for the record, a local trial guy here had a GREAT smooth coat dog named Joe who looked like a pitbull. He was often asked if he was a pitbull, actually. But he was all border collie, and a mighty fine worker too. Really, Caryl still looks like a border collie to me! :)

Pat A said...

Caryl acts 100% BC. He likes to herd the ball and he has a great crouch. Someone will adopt this pup and then they will see just how lucky they are to find him.