Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stun Gun?

I love little babies and little kids.  Terrible twos are my favorite.  Four, five, six year olds are so much fun.  I enjoy most kids, until they hit about 17. 

I believe our country has this wrong.  Military service should be MANDATORY for all kids above 16.  Perhaps they would learn the value of a hard day work, appreciation for what they have and *gasp* some respect for adults and authority.  Strip all their rights away and make them earn it all back like they do in basic training. 

Would they really ignite into spontaneous combustion without their cell phone? Lets see!  I have some gasoline handy. 

The other alternative is to shove them all into a teenage "re-education/adjustment center" until they are 30.  Let them finish school, go to college, treat the guards like they do their parents.  The guards should have unlimited rights to use stun guns. 

Actually, I want a stun gun.  One that will shoot the distance of my living room. 

Parent: "What did you say?"

17 y/o jerk:  "Screw YOU!"

Parent:  Sets stun gun on HIGH, aims and shoots. 

17 y/o jerk wets his pants while writing in agony on the floor. 

Parent says:  "I am sorry, can you repeat that?".

I wonder how many kids would be as disrespectful to adults as they are now if we all had stun guns?

I like sheep. Teenagers are horrible.

Going back to my happy place now.  


Ferreh Hiatt said...

As a mother of a 14 year old daughter, who I know is just getting started in her teenaged awfulness, I stand and applaud!

WhatAmILookingAt said...

Stupid disrespectful behavior doesnt magically appear at age 16. It starts at birth, with shitty parents. Trying to smack some sense into a young adult thats been preened into a bloated sense of self entitlement is too little too late, and unfair. How about we stop fucking up our kids in the first place? Just an idea, mind you. I know its crazy.

BCxFour said...

WhatAmIlookingAt - You have a point. And I applaud you for saying what you feel. The 17 y/o in question is my STEP son and I have the glorious opportunity to reap the rewards of behavior that were put into place LONG before I entered his life. Yeeehaa. But thank you for pointing out so eloquently that you feel we are shitty parents. :)

Mark Spaur said...

I have the ability to turn on/off features on my daughter's cell phone. Spontaneious combustion does occur when I turn off texting. I found that one lever very helpful, so far a stun gun isn't necessary, but she is only 14.

Karen said...

I can totally relate to you! I raised 4 teenagers, all born within 5 years. Two boys and two girls. You do feel like shutting their mouths up with a stun gun in your fantasies, and I have the same thoughts on sending all teenagers to the military or some other type of boot camp!

But they eventually grow up and because you have allowed a little bit of talking back, they will have confidence to have their own opinions and won't be stifled with no ambition like some children who are disciplined into a robot-like character that eventually comes out later in life in some unhealthy way.

I am happy to report that all of my children, despite being sassy, grew up to be successful adults and even thanked me for allowing them freedom to make mistakes without harsh discipline. They watched their friends who had very strict parents end up not able to cope or rebellious in seriously destructive ways.

Love, support and being a good role model count more than any harsh discipline could ever achieve.

Role modeling includes not using the 'F' word.

Hang in there and resist the urge to buy a stun gun! Unless you want to use it on some opinionated people. ha ha! xx