Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Horse & Sheep

Last week we weaned our lambs.  To make life easier and quieter we moved the ewes to the farm across the street. 

When I first separated them, I moved the entire group of 36 lambs to the very back pasture at the farm next door.  Without them screaming and calling to the ewes it made moving the 20 ewes to the pasture across the street much easier. 

When we got there I took the ewes out into the field with Jim and Brenda for a walk about along the fence-line. 

Suddenly Willy popped up.  Willy is boarding at the farm.  I had no idea he was out there. 

"What are those white things?" Willy is alert, yet curious

"I am not sure about this." snort, paws ground

"Crap! They are coming closer!" Willy is unsure

"I am bigger than them." Curiosity overcomes fear

"HA HA! I can make them MOVE!" Playful horse, annoyed, somewhat freaked out sheep.

"It's okay smelly white things, I am nice." says the friendly horse

"FOOLED YA!" The Stinker. 

"Bored now.  What is that?" The sheep do not hold his interest long. 

"Oh, look, a dog in the ditch." Sniff, sniff...sneaks up behind her and blows air on her butt. 

Brynn was less than amused. 


Karen said...

Hope Willy gives the sheep and dogs some respect. Some horses seem determined to do damage to both if they can.

Oooh, love that second to last shot, the sky, the lighting....:)

BCxFour said...

Willy is gone now. He was only there boarding for the rest of last week and went to his new facility on Saturday.

Lynette said...

Did you take these pictures with your iPhone??? They're absolutely gorgeous!!!

Pat A said...

Now the dog and the horse does bring back some great memories. Our dogs and horses were best friends. Watch when the horse plays and kicks up it's rear hooves and see if the dog tries to do it, all of our dogs did but it looked silly when they did.