Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chicken Bea

One of Bea's daily chores is to help me move the lambs into the back pasture to assist with clearing. 

She has the routine down.

She is gaining more and more confidence in moving these silly lambs.

I love the way she 'feels' the stock bubble.  We do daily chores, keeping it very light and happy.  It is my job to expose her and let her be successful and even naughty at times.  When she goes back to Dianne in the fall, she gets to do the 'training'.  I am just giving her oodles of exposure and letting her have fun. 

When we got the chickens I knew she would be great with them.  She proved me right. 

Once she figured out I wanted her to move them, she was on it. 

Slow and easy, she felt every single step they took.

One would think this is a recipe for disaster with the lambs behind the barn, alas she stayed on task with the chickens.

The chickens scatter all over the large yard.  It is her job to help me gather them up and put them away at the end of each day, with the least amount of stress possible.

She is very happy with herself. 

The next time we are at Fido's I am going to try her on ducks.  I think she would enjoy it. 

Unfortunately, one of the chickens learned Beth is NOT good with poultry.

  Much to the hen's relief she survived the encounter, sans a few feathers.

Beatle Bea is a real farm dog now. 

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