Monday, April 23, 2012

Echo & Brynn

This last weekend we had a visitor come by the farm.  Brynn's littermate Echo stopped by to hang out and meet the sheep with her family. 


Brynn has not seen Echo since she was a wee puppy at their foster home in Moses Lake, WA, three years ago this month.  

Brynn & Echo were good friends way back then. Below they are playing with the nanny dog Cassie at the foster home. 

Brynn and Echo today

Echo was blessed with awesome ears.  

And the cutest head tilt ever.  

The resemblance is striking, except for the ears.

Brynn has the air-plane ears

Echo has flying-nun ears

They stand the same, they drool the same. 

They both love to play ball.  Intense hard working dogs.  They even have the same tongue and love for the water. 

While Brynn is an working sheepdog, Echo is not sure what to do with sheep.  

She was not impressed by all.   We let Echo watch Brynn work, you could see a little glimmer, but then she would turn to her mom and look away. 

Echo made it clear that is not what trips her trigger. 

Where Brynn would curl up in a corner and die without sheep...Echo didn't care one iota for them. 

Brynn was just fine with that.  She tried to share, but was happy to keep them for herself. 

Brynn showed off her sheepdog moves, trying to get Echo interested. 

Alas it was for naught.  All Echo wanted was to be with Holly and her boy Nick.  That is what rocks Echo's world.  Her family. 

While sheep may not be her forte, Echo and her handler Holly are kicking butt and setting records in Noseworks competitions. In her first trial Echo won first place overall in addition to receiving the Noseworks One title. She also placed in 3 out of 4 elements: 2nd in interior & vehicle searches and 1st in exterior.  Her overall time for all 4 elements was 57 seconds, the only dog to do it in under a minute total. 

Who needs sheep when you have an kick-ass nose?  


Karen said...

I have a soft spot for the name Echo.
We had a lovely black lab that we adopted at 1 1/2 years old that came with that name.

Now I really perked up when you mentioned the Nosework. I'm taking an Introduction to Nosework class with Luna. The instructors were mentioning the last competition they were in, and it was in the U.S. and that the top dog was a border collie. I wonder if that was Echo?:) I'll have to ask at my next class.

SPotlight Photography said...

I love your pictures. It`s everytime a pleasure to be here.

RYKER said...

You can certainly see the resemblance. They are both beautiful BC's with amazing talent.