Monday, April 30, 2012

Alyssa Plays with Brynn - video

I dare you to watch this video and not giggle. Alyssa enjoyed picking up the ball and throwing it for Brynn.

Note: All interaction between Alyssa and the dogs is strictly supervised.  

NEVER leave a baby alone with a dog.

Especially not with a ball and a border collie. NEVER!

Brynn is a good choice for Alyssa to do this with because she avoids touching the baby, and will nicely put the ball down so Alyssa can pick it up.  

When allowing a baby to play with a dog it must be supervised, and you must know the dogs and their reactions to sudden erratic movement, loud noises, and stress.


pam said...

Alyssa is getting Sooooo cute. Thanks for the chance to share in the giggles.

gvmama said...

OMG Wayne and I were cracking up. Every BC should have a giggling toddler to throw the ball or visa versa!