Friday, April 20, 2012

Return of the Beatle Bug

Brynn has finally gotten some help on the farm.  I wonder who it could Bea?

I think that dog looks familiar...

Glory-Bea!  It is the Beaster!

She has returned, spreading joy and smiles in her wake.  

She brought some mad sheep skillz with her, thanks to her 4.5 month long working vacation with Dianne Deal

It is like suddenly being given a super decked out luxury race car.  Bea is AMAZING!  I say, or whistle lie down...and SHE DOES!  She has feel, gorgeous flanks, confidence, started driving,  and oh so much fun to work!  

For right now I am going to keep up with what Dianne started.  Nothing to hard, just working the sheep and doing chores.  Anything that might be too tough on her I will let her do with Brynn.  The other day the two of them gathered the entire field of 59 ewes & lambs in minutes.  It was beautiful, orderly and quiet.  

"What's next?" Bea stops to ask me.  

Well, Bea, we will just take care of our sheep and have fun.  

 Welcome home my little friend.  I missed you. 


Karen said...

Awe, she's all grown up, and that left ear has finally sorted itself out:)

RYKER said...

Congratulations! Bet your so happy to have her home again.

Ferreh Hiatt said...

Yay! Welcome home, Bea-ster!