Friday, December 2, 2011

Sheep in the Misty Twilight

The other day I snapped these images as I was working the dogs with my friend Vicki.  Shooting into the sunlight highlighted the mist that was rising from the sheep in the sunlight & gave the lens flare. 

Beth walks up on the flock.  

It is not easy to shoot pictures and work your dog.  One thing suffers, as you can tell from Beth's expression. 

In case you were wondering...that her version of "WTF"? 

Beth does not appreciate the finer nuances of inside flanks - this is her blowing me off. 

Beth grumbles "You didnt really want those sheep crossing the pasture did you?  I will bring them back so you can take pretty pictures."

 It is really bad when you don't correct your dog because you realize she was right about the photo op.

Sometimes you just gotta trust your matters of sheep & photography


Tucker The Crestie said...

We know nothing about herding sheep, but we do know beautiful photos when we see them, so I have to believe Beth was right!

Karen said...

Beth...photographers assistant extraordinaire!

Laura L. said...

I second what Karen said. Beth is a wonderful assistant. Sometimes the dog not listening is for the good of everyone else!