Monday, December 5, 2011

Off to Idaho

Here is an ear worm for you.  Go ahead, hum the melody to Rawhide. 

Keep walkin' walkin' walkin,
Though the dogs are whinin'
Keep the sheepies runnin' 
Trial time!
Tryin' to understand 'em
Just hope and pray and send 'em
Soon we'll be drinkin lots at 
Beer Time!
Boy my heart's a thumpin'
Some day a score is comin', be numbers, not letters
Trial TIME!

Pack it up, load em up.
Load it up, drive 'em out
Trial fees emptyin' my wallet, 
Trial TIME!
Set 'em out, send the dog
Start prayin, let it go
Humiliation waitin, 
Trial TIME!

Yes, it is that time again.  Time to go to the post, freeze my overly large rear end, shake in my boots and beg to be humiliated in my favorite activity which is guaran-damn-teed to bring about an anxiety attack - sheep dog trial.

Instead of packing my clean clothes into the suitcase with the busted zipper, I am sitting in front of my computer writing stupid lyrics.  

I have a list in front of me yet I drag my feet.  

Apparently I enjoy driving across three states bleary eyed and tired.  

Oh hell..I don't know.  I am the worlds worst procrastinator.  

And I am already missing the Beaster.  

 She is going to sheep camp at Dianne Deal's

She is going to learn all kinds of cool things, hang with the cool kids, get drunk, smoke know how it is at boarding school.
Okay, not really.  She is going to learn how to work sheep. Like a real big dog.

Like how to stay off sheep butts.  You know, those lessons on Cause & Effect.

So things like this don't happen as much.  

Yep, that is what happens when sheep suddenly change directions.  

Tail gating is discouraged.  

My job over the past couple months was to get Bea hooked on sheep. 

Making sure ever encounter she had with sheep was positive and fun.

I don't know if she is enjoying herself.  What do you think? 

Did I mention how FAST she is?

She loves to make a mess and then fix it by busting into warp drive as she sails across the field.  

She is soft and biddable.  A joy to work...but scary to train.  Bea is the type of dog, if you make a harsh correction at the wrong time, it will take a while to fix it.  I am glad Dianne will start her and get a good foundation on her - that much less of a chance I will screw her up when she comes home.

I am going to miss her happy smiling little face.  

Such a happy camper she has been. 

My little Bea-tle Bug has grown up.

They grow up so fast.  Maybe that means it is time for another puppy?  

"You bring home another puppy and I will crap on your pillow"

Good lord Beth, it is just a puppy...not a teenager.  Jeeeesh. 


Ferreh Hiatt said...

Best of luck at the trial! I can't believe that Bea is getting to be a big enough girl to head out to "boarding school"! Think of all the fun you'll have with her when she gets home!

Ann said...

She looks great, Carolynn!!! I'm so happy to bring Pearl home for a little while. See you Friday!

Karen said...

I'm with you on the procrastinating part:(
And Bea looks great!

gvmama said...

hahahaha You have too much free time on your hands (rawhide) great pics as always...enjoy sheep camp. :0)

Versailles Rose said...

As always, I love the photos.

Country Girl said...

Goodness I about snorted my shake through my nose - get another puppy and I'll crap on your pillow. That was funny - funny because I can totally see it happening!

Good luck!

Jenny Glen said...

That picture of her running into the back of the sheep is priceless! I've never seen anyone capture that on film!

RYKER said...

You can sure see what she was born and bred to do!
Does Bea get to come home for Christmas?