Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fat Puppy

Do you have any food? 

I need to eat.

I am so hungry I gotta eat some of this...

Staaaahving, I tell you.  Must eat now.  

DD says I am 'highly food motivated'...bullocks....I am just HUNGRY! 

They call me Tank, Sherman Tank.  I don't understand why. 

Gimme some food.  I know you have some...lemme me check.  Food Please?  

She won't feed me no more.  Please some one feed me? 

I am wasting away here... Food Please?

The preceding fat puppy moment was brought to you by Orchard Run Border Collies (Peg x Fame) and photographed at the Sleddin' & Sheddin' trial 10 Dec 2011


Denise Schoen said...

Loved it! What determination!!

Kerri said...

awww puppy!!! I still have a "fat puppy" he acts like i havent fed him in weeks. Wonderful photos!

Jaenne' said...

Sherman is so cute! He's going to be a big, handsome dog like his dad!

RYKER said...

I'm puttin' on my winter fat too! A guy has to stay warm in the winter.