Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Bea!

Last year on this day, 10-10-10, Bea was born.

Somehow over the past year she went from puppy to teenage dog.

I remember wondering what her ears were going to do.  There is certainly no question about it now. 

She was a shy, careful puppy.  She is still careful, but no longer shy.  Her confidence is growing in leaps and bounds. 

I am dreading the day she leaves for training with Dianne.  I am going to miss my little Bea-tle Bug

This morning before we left to take care of the sheep, I walked by the sliding glass door to the back yard.  This is what I saw.

Yes, Bea is on the barbeque.  Don't all border collies sit on barbeques? 

Did I mention she is a little stinker? 

"Who me?"

Since it was her birthday, I put her on sheep again. 

I had to start with Beth as a back up dog because our sheep are naughty.  So, instead of being runners they suddenly turned into knee knockers.  I could barely walk.  It is an odd mix of sheep, since the ram has arrived and is hanging out with his new harem - this is the group that is not being bred.  Daisy, her two lambs Tulip & Toby, the wether Clun and Mama the ancient Barb.   This video picks up after Toby jumped through the electric fence to get back into the field with Jim the Llama. 

I put music with the video because the wind was blowing so hard it made it impossible to hear anything.  The music is from Chris Norman - Man with the Wooden Flute, "Chinkapin Hunting"

I know I did more things wrong than right in this video ( e.g. flailing my stick around like a monkey on crack).   What fascinated  about this video and prompted me to share it was the visible difference between Bea and Beth.  You can see how much more Bea feels the sheep than Beth (which is Beth's main problem).  Beth just punches through their bubble, even at this age Bea feels it.  

I LOVE IT!  Bea is going to be so much fun!  

Happy Birthday Bea and the rest of the Orchard Run Bett x Riggs 10/10/10 litter.  


Karen said...

Oh Happy Birthday, not so little Bea! I can't believe a year has passed already. The wind has finally stopped blowing that left ear sideways:)
She looks great on the sheep!

Ha, ha, my verification word is beableo:)

Oh, and that picture of her on the barbeque....hilarious!!

Doniene said...

She is beautiful!!! Love the barbecue!

RYKER said...

Happy Birthday Bea. I know your gonna make your mama proud!

kiwichick said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!

pam said...

A Big Happy Birthday!