Monday, August 22, 2011

Lacamas - Day One

Thursday last week we loaded up the car and Camera Face drove us down to Lacamas Valley Sheep Dog Trial

We arrived early Thursday evening, just in time to set up camp with our friend Gloria and her two dogs Nick & Gael from Nevada.  

 We slept in a tent next to Gloria, away from all the other dogs who like to pee on tents.  It was very peaceful.  Gloria was smart and brought a bunch of x-pens to surround camp and her tent.
Next year Camera Face will remember to bring our x-pens too. 

Camera Face told me that Gloria had two dogs.  At first I didn't see them.  

They like to hide, like giant field sharks...ready to strike as you pass by.  

At first their game freaked me out.  Until I learned how to play it too.

They liked to sneak up behind me.  

 They would get closer ....

and closer

and then GOOSE! 

Nick would dart, Gael would dash and the chase was on.  

They would chase me as I captured the ball. 

Nick is a slobber monster.  Ranger would like him.  

His face is made out of elastic with giant gold marbles for eyes.
He is running Bio-Hazard. 

We had fun running around the field, then we noticed the sheep were in the same field behind us.  That stopped our fun toot-sweet.  

Nick is a dog of many talents.  

He kicked butt in Pro-Novice this weekend.  Friday, Gloria and Nick placed 8th.  Then Saturday they placed second just behind Patrick Shannahan and Andi.  

Gloria and Nick at the post. 

Gorgeous drive.

 And one of the few pens of the day.  

The joy was contagious!

A happy dog & ecstatic handler.

 Tomorrow I will tell you about my runs, we got letters not numbers, again.   But Camera Face is still very happy with me and has been focusing on what she is thankful for.  Just small steps on a long journey.

Like Yoda said to young Luke "Much to learn, you still have."

Soon, my day will come and I will kick some sheep butt too. 


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Amazing shots, beautiful dogs!

Doniene said...

Great pictures!!! Love the slobber, golden marble eyes!!! Glad you had a good time.


Patty in NM said...

Awesome commentary!

Laura Carson said...

Those slobber shots are AMAZING. Wow. So sorry for the letters, but sounds like you guys had some progress anyway, which is awesome!

gvmama said...

Love the pics. Nick and Gael...funny game they play, eh?