Monday, August 8, 2011

Red-Neck Sheep Hauler

Last week John and I needed to figure out how to get our three sheep from Vicki's house to the new pasture.  

We do not have a trailer - so we had to get a bit creative.  

John borrowed 5 pallets from our friend the pig farmer.  

He then constructed a 'crate' in the back of his truck with tie wire and strapping.  

The only problem this presented was how to get the sheep from ground level to the truck bed.  

Once I got them separated off from the flock of ewes at Vicki's, we cornered them near the truck between the truck, fence and gate.  I was able to grab Tobie and Tulip, lifted them up to the truck bed and shoved them in the crate - the heaviest was Daisy and she didn't weigh more than 150 lbs (John lifted her)
Vicki opened and closed the door for us.  

Viola.  Loaded sheep.  

The ride to the pasture went smoothly.  The sheep were secure and protected.  For most of the ride they were laying down.  

Brynn enjoyed the ride. 

"OMG there are sheep in the truck, sheep in the truck!"

"They are looking at me!"

Brynn slept soundly that night.  

Staring at sheep is hard work, dontcha know.


Doniene said...

Necessity is the mother of invention!!! Bravo!! There is more than one way to pen a sheep!!


Sarah said...

HA! love it!

Karen said...

Whatever works!