Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tell me Thursday

Today Laura from Crooks & Crazies would like to know two things.

#1. What is your most embarrassing trial moment to date?
#2. What do you prefer to whistle with and why?

#1. What is your most embarrassing trial moment to date?

The 2010 Athena Trial also known as the Caledonian Games in Athena, Oregon.   Either due to  the heat, or just my crappy state of mind, I made a complete arse out of myself at this trial.  I 'lost-it' on the field, yelled at my dogs, smacked the pen with my stick, in general did everything on the field I never want to do again, and I did it in front of grandstand full of people. Regardless of my crappy behavior, Beth placed 1st and Brynn 2nd over-all/combined in Novice/Novice.  Whenever I look at those ribbons I am ashamed. However I use the shame as a catalyst to change - as a reminder to never behave that way again on the field & check my ego at the entry gate.

#2. What do you prefer to whistle with and why?

I have gone through several whistles.  I started with the plastic, then went to the Montana Lite, triangle shaped corian, brass blaster, baby blaster, the T3,
and now I am using the Corian Whistle from BorderCollics Anonymous. 

I liked the T3 and had success at getting a wide range of tones with it, but when I need to talk to my dog I don't always want to take my whistle from my mouth, I hold it with my teeth while I talk.  The T3 was making my teeth hurt, sometimes for a few hours.  When I first got the Corian, I disliked it.  It felt big and bulky.  Now I prefer it.  I can get a wide range of tones, values & volumes with this whistle.  Brynn has relaxed while I use it, with the T3 she would darn near jump out of her skin when I blew some commands.  With the Corian I am able to deliver a smoother, less ear-piercing, window-shattering tone. Brynn is so thankful her ears finally quit bleeding.

Now, if someone would just make a whistle our dogs would listen to every time... think of the potential!

Because you know, the problem is with the whistle...not the handler.  HA! 


Ferreh Hiatt said...

Thanks for posting that pic. As I scrolled down, I thought -- "Hey, that looks like Mary Ann." And it was! Mary Ann helped to rescue my first Aussie when he was "on the bubble" in his foster home. I've told her this many times, but I owe Mary Ann so much gratitude because if I didn't have that dog, I wouldn't be where I am today! **sniffs**

I also liked reading your thoughts on the Corian whistle. I got one, then re-gifted it because I found it so bulky. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot sometime...

Doniene said...

Thanks for sharing - we have all had melt downs one time or another doing something - and yes the shame forces us to realize "I'll NEVER do that again!!"

Never heard of the Corian, but I'm new to all the whistling.


Doniene said...

P.S. Congrats on the 1st and 2nd!!! Isn't it great when our dogs do well in spite of us!! It just shows that they love you and trust you and that you've done a great job with them at home!!


Laura Carson said...

YAY! Thanks for playing! Interesting thoughts on the Corian - must try!

Catalysts for change are always good, even when they suck at the time. ;) Good for you! I've had runs where my dogs looked great but I felt horrible about them. Ugh.